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    What an interesting and controversial poster.
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    How about you head on back to your conspiracy theory forum? And take Wolfy with you.
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    Please let the agenda be transgender.
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    I agree, but you?
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    Strange that all the environmentalists are now going on like the Paris accord is the agreement that assured the future of the planet and Trump alone is killing the human race. Before trump turned his back on it the agreement was viewed as completely insufficient and didn't commit anyone to what paltry targets were agreed as something nice to aim for in theory. Nice to see all these leaders now committed to saving the planet though, maybe they will extend their commitments into enforceable and more ambitious ones that might actually have made a difference if implemented 20 years ago.
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    Clinton, Sanders, Cameron, Obama, Various military leaders have all said the same. NATO has been used as a free ride by most of its members. Of the 28 countries in the alliance, only five -- the U.S., Greece, Poland, Estonia and the U.K. -- meet the target.
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    We are all in the matrix anyway, so just turn it off and on again.
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    Blair was parachuted in by the same cabal that parachuted in Manroc. Manroc was on 17 magazine covers one day last week and Goldman Le Penski was on none. The problem Labour have is that it is a balancing act now between getting the people on side and not pissing off the banks and the various interest groups that have great influence on our politicians. I believe it can be done. But it requires such slight of hand and charisma and such delicate nuance it is almost impossible to satisfy the various wings of the party and Big Corporations at the same time. But we have to try.
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    Nazis had a religion alright.

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