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  1. Like you have a reason to find your cock anyway. Hasn’t been wet in 20 years and you piss in a bag
  2. Fuck off you old cunts, do you all have to use a magnifying glass to read the forum on your phone?
  3. Is there a tipping point where people of a certain age no longer buy newspapers? I’m 36 and don’t know a single person who buys one. Not sure it will be any better if they are gone like, with people getting their “news” from the internet.
  4. All pundits, colour commentators and radio host etc aren’t really there to commentate on the game or the teams. They are just there to get interactions from pissed off fans. It gets fans backs up, in turn it makes them ring into radio stations or tweet at sky sports or motd or whatever. If they were there to commentate there would be one bloke telling people what’s happening, not a gaggle of cunts with shite opinions. Especially at half time when they roll out a whose who of has beens or never beens to tell us we know nowt about football. If they came out and said what was obvious t
  5. What I don’t get is, if we are going to be a 442 direct kind of team then that’s fine but there has been loads of opportunities to put the ball in the box and we haven’t. We have fancied around with it thinking we can play proper football. Also the set pieces are shite.
  6. Bet his lass loves a good finger blasting off him
  7. He wrote actual books while employed as a full time professional football manager. Imagine a proper manager thinking oh I’ve got loads of free time, I might write a couple of paperbacks
  8. Has anyone been watching the Cornish fishing show on bbc2? They all say they voted out because of quotas being unfair, fair enough I don’t know anything about the quotas. But they regularly say they sell up-to 80% of their catch abroad..
  9. They look like them built up shoes people with one longer leg used to wear
  10. 36 ere, feeling every fucking minute of it as well
  11. Only problem with this is it give the pundit and radio cunts who only watch motd more ammo to say we are idiots for wanting better. We will look decent in the highlights and Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage will be on baiting people into bites tomorrow.
  12. Schar, Clark and Fernandez have been good tonight
  13. Fair fucks, been decent so far. Expecting a rocket up Liverpool’s arses and a second half collapse
  14. Must be going against their own guidance on COVID secure workplaces by keeping schools open at this point like? Following government guidance we (or the office plebs anyway) have to limit attendances to offices, separate workstations, wear masks while moving around, sanitise everything regularly and so on. Meanwhile school teachers have to deal with dirty children and carry on as normal?
  15. How is it Rafas? Doesn’t manage us anymore marra
  16. All the best to everyone and your loved ones. Just finished work and got some wanky posh beers to make my way through now.
  17. He punches like he already has a brain injury
  18. So sorry for your loss mate, agree with everything you say. look after yourselves everyone one
  19. Aye. I’ve got rid of my Twitter and I’m noticing a difference in my anxiety levels tbh
  20. CDPR are usually amazing developers tbh. Not sure if there is a deal with a publisher that has pushed this but I’m surprised they released a game in this state
  21. Not much of a stretch to say his cock is disgusting like
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