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  1. Just looking ahead at all the fixtures for us and our rivals... 12. Brighton (31 pts, -11GD) Arsenal H Everton A Leicester H Huddersfield H Palace A Man City A (likely to be rescheduled here) Spurs H Burnley A Man Utd H Liverpool A They could be more or less safe by the Spurs game. But if they don't pick up enough points until then it's a dreadful run-in. That said, they seem to have enough about them to survive and GD worth an extra point. 13. West Ham (30 pts, -15GD) Swansea A Burnle
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  2. Paul Ferris, once our physio, before that a kid trying to get into our 1st team has a book out ATM. It's been a fantastic read so far, very moving, insightful and a real window into the 'troubles' as Paul was a young Catholic boy living in Lisburn. Thoroughly recommended. It's called 'The boy on the shed'. Get on it.
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  3. This is like being at a virtual jamming session with Hank Marvin and George Formby. Carry on lads....
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  4. 1. Tell me what you want, what you really really want 2. Where is the Carroll money? 3. Will you please answer my simple question?
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  5. Aye, he'd been one of those throwing the petrol bombs at his house.
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