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    He's actually asset stripped the club in plain sight and no one has really made any noises about it. He's sold land that was owned by the club, the club no longer owns or runs its club shops, he's taken prime advertising space for free, relegated the club twice (three times a charm) through penny pinching and had the hide to add to the "debt" when he's had to dip into his own pocket to correct his mistakes. Failed to invest in training facilities, which correct me if I'm wrong, are now part of MASH and no longer owned by NUFC. That's just the shite the cunt has done in plain sight, I can imagine there has been a lot of other things sold off, removed from club ownership to either MASH or another holding company or destroyed by his design, commercial revenue being case in point. If anyone was ever successful to pry the club out of his greedy mits they will need a lot more than the 300 million asking price to get the club back constant mid-table obscurity, let alone to where it was under the Halls and Shepherds (god, I sound like LM).
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    Because he reads the game like Stevie Wonder reads the Radio Times.
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    Bit harsh on Stevie Wonder that.
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    I'm curious CT, are you posting this out of political interest in the country, or because this is what you think Corbyn wants to do to the UK despite literally no tangible evidence of it, meaning you're been utterly brainwashed by an insane and incoherent right wing press that would skull fuck you quite happily if there was a quick quid in it for them?
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    Just been to the greengrocer’s; “I'd like one of those small oranges that are so popular at this time of year.” “Mandarin?” he asked, so I replied; “我想要一個如此受歡迎的小橙子 一年的這個時候”

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