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  1. According to one paper he's been asked to stay away from the SOL ... didn't realise he worked in media thought he was still working as a penalty coach.
  2. Breaking News: Man United have confirmed their game on Boxing Day against Wigan will go ahead as planned even if the threatened tube strike in London goes ahead. :icon_lol:
  3. Wolves rings a bell there did they not move them in on one side of the pitch.
  4. Wikipedia claim he signed a new 5 and a half year contract on 3rd. December 2010.
  5. Aye great the way Simpson was laughing like fuck asking for the towel for every throw that's the way to fuck 'em up play them at their own game they don't like it hope all the other sides do the same when they go there. Pulis was just about fucking crying in the interview about how they had given us the goals claiming the first one was offside looked like he was going to mention the pen until he realised they got theirs for the same reason what a fucking knob. :icon_lol: :icon_lol:
  6. Typical fucking mackem still he's famous in the Sun today they should check out Saturday's race as well probably got a lift as well. Deffo got the brass neck to run as a fucking MP.
  7. 27020


    If your looking for Sam Smiths beers they have got a tied house in North Shields the Prince of Wales just along from the ferry before you get to the Fish Quay does all there draught/bottled beers/lagers and pretty cheap as well.
  8. Must have missed the bit about him going to church everyday as well since his move we'll just have to see how long it takes before the first dodgy headlines after a night out.
  9. We all know the Celtic support don't indulge in anything like that there all good eggs and all that.........................................they just support their team and don't taunt the Rangers support in the stadium
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