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  1. but didnt geremi say he wanted to play football and if that ment moving on so be it? greedy bastard!
  2. Chronicle says geremi wants to stay.............................................f0rk!
  3. ive got a 5er on Steven Taylor 1st scorer Blackburn to win 2-1 at 450/1 . nice litter earner that
  4. aye the times also says theres a behind doors friendly match on tuesday n'all.
  5. Seen the plane that landed in the river in new york? mental!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7832191.stm
  6. haha loving this. first they claim they are in talks r.e ferguson then Neill . Embarassing
  7. Given the choice of players being talked about- Gomes M'Bia Ebondo Neill Which 2 would you bring in? I think hes after Neill,M'Bia and Gomes and if Gomes does come in surely thats too replace Owen at the end of the year? If i had to choose 2 of those for this window i would take M'Bia and Ebondo - purely becuase i hate Neill and think the money he is on is scandalous
  8. think I'll stick to NO forums from now on. More manly conversation over there
  9. Keith, I Im not trying to make out that your a bad bloke raking in lots of profit from everyone - u are'nt, toon travel was a good service, if i was putting in that much ground work i would want a return for my efforts too. I never suggested you made loads of money, i just suggested you were profit making. And from the times i used toon travel it was the cheapest around anyways. But i was just reminding people that it wasnt just 1 or 2 buses you ran as a hobby it was a fair few. I like everyone else hope you do get a slap on the wrists off the police becuase to be honest in the diaboli
  10. 6 atleast. i honestly doubt if theres any trust in it. Why would he reveal all to the world if there was? newcastles transfer police is strictly private since they mafia took over. more of the ferguson rubbish me thinks
  11. £4m wont touch the sides do they think were stupid??? edit* sorry stupid question
  12. Joe Kinnear has revealed Newcastle United have made bids of £4million for two transfer targets. The Magpies boss is looking to move in the January market and has lined up a double arrival at St James' Park. Rennes midfielder Stephane M'Bia is rumoured to be one of the players that Kinnear is hoping to add to his squad. Speaking after the 1-0 FA Cup third-round replay defeat by Hull City, Kinnear confirmed he has lodged bids for two players. Waiting "We've made two serious £4million bids for two players and we'll probably end up spending £10million," said Kinnear. "We're w
  13. kinnear and brown sent to the stands unreal. clowns
  14. JaMoUsE

    FA Cup

    theres nee streams for this one like
  15. JaMoUsE

    FA Cup

    1911: Life is so confusing. When the Southend v Chelsea game was off, Newcastle v Hull was being lined up as the live game on the box - but no more. That game will kick off as planned at 1945 GMT. In other news from that game, Kevin Kilbane has agreed personal terms on a move to Hull from Wigan and is expected to start training with them tomorrow. gutted that would have been canny
  16. JaMoUsE

    FA Cup

    any1 found a stream at all for this game? cant find 1. Obviously dont paste and links on here
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