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  1. its fucking disgusting. they ingored keegan when he said me needed more numbers and look what the fuck has happened. Xisco looks fucking shit. his touch is actually worse than sholas. im fucking sick of this
  2. get a mob of 40 to walk round the milburn stand chanting "were going to lynch Llambias" and see if he bolts it next home match. Would be priceless. Obviously with no intent of doing him anysuch harm
  3. JaMoUsE

    Can't Lose

    or put the money in a 1 yr ISA at 7% and win without gambling. Easy money..
  4. what a load of shit, cant believe some people feel sorry for him. if the arrogant prick had of came straight back from America to try and sort things out instead of spending his money partying up with randoms this could have been avoided
  5. i would have though if he was re-instated parading him on the pitch is the last thing they would do
  6. would they still went ahead and sacked terry mac and sadler had they really wanted keegan back. Im very sceptical to say the least. The only thing that could have caused this if it is indeed them trying to patch things up is a player revolt?
  7. they definetly wouldnt disscuss the legal matters without their advisers/solicitors present so it isnt that
  8. Keegans evens now. I didnt kno any of this just went on betfair 5 mins to do the weekend accumulator and seen he was evens was like huh what did i miss!?! thort there must have been a take over so a bit dissapointed :'(
  9. JaMoUsE

    Worth a read

    and what do you propose to do instead? shopping in town? go out on the drink? you can always shop in thats what your into like peasepud
  10. JaMoUsE

    Worth a read

    eh i dont understand people saying if you have paid you should go? Ive paid for 3 years and im not going, depends how much you value your money i suppose the money orientated people will still go regardless. The ive paid for it, so i'll have it attittude.
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/...egan-fumed.html mail are reporting takeover talks on monday!!!! come on!
  12. itgs more the nacho signing on the non-singings of lennon and warnock from what ive heard
  13. 1 ticket for hull at home for sale Oh come on! Ill give it away!!!
  14. the club are trying to make it look like its keegans the bad guy
  15. Im quite happy in a way. Keegan didnt deserve to put up with their shit and hes had the bottle to put his foot down and show them up for what they are. I hope they get chased out of town and i think they might just aswell
  16. The same lad who broke the Keegan story on here at 9.45 am yesterday. and now.... we wait
  17. The lads obviously an idiot he spells 'Source' Sauce.....
  18. when i was in corals today the bloke was saying how somebody in london had put £10,000 on keegan to be the 1st premiership manager to lose his job today. It definetly seems theres been a big change of heart here
  19. steve howey just called ashley Ashby live on talk sport ffs does anyone know anything
  20. U fucking idiot. You have them to thank if keegan stays. Its them mongs whove made a stand and brought the board to see sense if that is indeed the case Were you one of them? I dont have a problem with people hanging around the ground, but those on SSN were an embarassment to the club. Nothing but a load of chimps doing things on cue for the cameras and acting the idiots. Nah was at work, the only people who can go are the 'mongs' who were there as they dont work. In fact if you compare them to the unemployed fans of other clubs youll probably find the intellect of the unemplo
  21. U fucking idiot. You have them to thank if keegan stays. Its them mongs whove made a stand and brought the board to see sense if that is indeed the case
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