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  1. hes definately worth 13m at least. I would take that buy a good left back a decent right back as cover and a central midfielder (not Ferguson) easy as that. Oh release Cacapa, Sell Edgar. But i'd keep carroll for the time being he looks okay
  2. i didnt kno we had 3 players who valued 16m. Especially not first teamers. Maybe Smith 4m? Enrique 4m back to spain? and someone else? no idea who really
  3. too be honest its not a big a blow as it could be, Harper is more than an able replacement - Krul and Forster looks like great youngsters. I think he could demand at least £15m. Downside it might mean all the others jump ship too
  4. if given didnt like it so much up here he would be away like a shot. cant see owen showing the same loyalty tbh
  5. wouldnt get too excited. all the french papers get their source from the sunday people
  6. Danny i dont understand, why do you need tomorrow off work to go to a match at 3 oclock on a sunday?
  7. eh? where does larsson fit into the team like, dont need a winger. warnock imo
  8. I was in Corals in town on wenesday on me dinner and some bloke walks up to the counter and asks how to put a bet on the next sunderland manager stating he had never placed a bet before, the bloke on the counter asked what bet he wanted and wrote it out for him. The bloke then went on to explain a mate of his who works at SOL had phoned saying put all your spare money on ...... Steve Mclaren! the bloke then puts £500 on and walks out happy as larry. I wasnt sure whether he was mad or not, only time will tell. I'l be guttted if it comes in though and i didnt put any money on it
  9. off the line! nearly- charlie made it like
  10. Yeah Pm me it too please. Not having my luck atm
  11. You're barking up the wrong tree. It would be racist to suggest because he's arabic he's got a bomb. It's not racist to suggest he looks like Richard Reed. Right, very innocent explanation. So only newcastle fans picked up on that resemblance then? You don't see the rest of England singing songs about how he looks like Reed. It's much more likely that your fans are racist and he was being targeted as an Arab and as a Muslim, which is despicable. Are you Spanish? nope, but i am a muslim and am offended that your fans sang songs about a muslim having a bomb. yes i am aware t
  12. regarding this thread, danny b is a prick. Kind regards
  13. video is brilliant. makes you realise not just how good shearer was but how good we were... a shadow of even just 5 years ago now
  14. what is it they say? theres no smoke without fire? haha who emailed the mail? Odds slashed on Alan Shearer to become next Newcastle boss By Colin Young Last updated at 8:02 PM on 10th November 2008 Comments (0) Add to My Stories As Alan Shearer's odds of taking over at Newcastle expectedly shortened, midfielder Nicky Butt has admitted players are being kept in the dark about the future of manager Joe Kinnear and the club's long-term ownership. Shearer's odds fell dramatically from 9-1 to 11-8, heightening speculation the former Newcastle and England captain could again be in line for
  15. your honestly like listening to talksport. theres always some ridiculous argumentative side to their broadcasts so that it provokes a response by listeners and it makes for good listening for the neutrals. the only thing is on this board there isnt really a neutral fan base and thats why you become the annoyance.
  16. ffs i was actually starting to enjoy reading toontastic again this past week or so. who let him back?
  17. JaMoUsE


    hahaha spurs are knackered
  18. you remind me of this prick i used to work with who supported blackburn, but loved talking about newcastle. Its bizzare i could'nt give a shit about any other clubs than the one i support.
  19. its always nice to come home from work and read some more shit from danny b
  20. Beyes red card, surely must be rescinded, i just hope that prick poll saying he would have sent him off wont influence any of them tossers of at fa headquarters
  21. definetly. hes never put a foot wrong in any of his games. cant be said for anybody else really
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