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  1. best performance for ages. bass0ng and collicini class. didnt think anyone had a bad game other than the referee. i honestly think we 11 players we would have won by 2 or 3
  2. 2-2 FT - robbed by a shit decision
  3. dannyb just silent when things arent going against us.
  4. we wud have murdered them if we had 11 like
  5. dannyb still a prick i see - torres in disguise
  6. i think from the angle from behind it looks even more like i class tackle . the ball goes in the other directionexactly the way beye was sliding in. unbelievable.
  7. every1 on setanta says nee penalty. i bet the bastards dont overturn it
  8. unless overturned is that beye suspended for mackems?
  9. my thort exactly. When he talks to the fans about lack of transfer activity he blames outstanding transfer debt. but quite clearly is sweeping that under the rug to all the potential suitors
  10. to be honest i was offering £100 for a ticket last year as my brother got mine. and i couldnt get hold of one for £100 so if someone was willing to give me £200 for mine i dont see the problem. Its a supply and demand thing. I really want to go but if someone really wants to give me £200 for my ticket i would rather have the money then go. where as they would rather go then have the money? dont see the issue.
  11. Am i the only person with a ticket for the sunderland game thinking that i would happily take £250 for it
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/7598674.stm how he doesnt die i dont know
  13. To be honest, If this was a massive scam it would make a even bigger laughing stock of the club. Now in all seriousness do you all really think that Ashley would let a few tits with not enough money release press to the bbc about potential bids in 48 hours if they didnt think there was a realistic chance of it succeeding as it would only stand to de-value the club even further. That fact that Venebles was offered only a game to game contract suggests something is imminent. Someone with Ashleys money has the ability to sort the serious contenders to the scammers i would hope! Oh and for tho
  14. its amazing when things like this happen, you just never realised how many people must be employed at the mariott
  15. before people start publishing stories about people being dead they have to be pretty certain tho
  16. i also got the text at half 8
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