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  1. A nice little read from a cockney rag! unbelievably Keegan's badge of courage is rewarded as Martins goal pegs United back Manchester United 1 Newcastle 1 Kevin Keegan has been lampooned in Manchester for many years, since his neurotic TV outburst during the heat of the 1996 Premier League title race. Today, however, English football owes the Newcastle manager a debt after his team came to Old Trafford with rare courage and ambition to deprive Manchester United of a winning start to their season. Ask any of the few managers who have enjoyed success against United over the
  2. how much did we pay £7m? seems like a rediculous buy. Cos even when Allardyce bought him he didnt play him for 4 months or something
  3. Aye but they obviously see Enrique as more of a liability though
  4. Duno if this has already been mentioned today but im assuming nobody really rates him as both allardyce and keegan choose to play N'Zogbia at LB instead of him. Pretty sure there will be a new LB coming in this week and you may well see Enrique packing his bags
  5. JaMoUsE

    Right Back

    good post, just a shame hes getting on abit coulda been a real toon legend had he been younger when we got him
  6. howay we can win the day , probably still pissed off last nite like haha, excited for the game like a kid
  7. i think it'll be a left back and a central midfielder. if smith is staying, he wont by another forward
  8. not bothered hes gone to be honest. i thought he made quite a few errors last year better to blood taylor with collocini and try and form a partnership. Plus keegans obviously wanted rid since everton when this bust up happened. And he said if faye and shola both go there shud be 2 new faces in. Id be quite happy to take the swap atm like
  9. mate, go with the back page. its good laidback and bother free. you can even sneak bottles of coke and vodka on if your sneaky enough ;-)
  10. haha thats brilliant whys he speaking like hes talking to a fucking idiot, the mans a twat
  11. ant remember he was 20 when he went to bradford on loan then 21 when he went to coventry. most youngsters do get loaned out you know..
  12. id definetly take warnock, i still think enrique is a liability atm altho one for the future
  13. Given Beye Taylor Coloccini Enrique Milner Butt N'Zogbia Guitterez Martins Owen Allthough hes guarenteed to play Nzogbia left back like, that is unless weve got warnock (fingers crossed)
  14. first thing torres has ever said that i agree with. boo'ing your own is pathetic and anti productive
  15. some people on here know so little. Smith has never been boo'ed previously. But becuase he has been linked with leaving in the press he gets booed- Disgusting. The players all like him, keegan likes him. Yeah he hasnt scored but you cant knock his effort. Fickle fans imo who dont have a clue about the game. Could someone please tell me why Nzogbia who doesnt give a shit about the club and openly wants to leave doesnt get booed and smith does?
  16. fucking makes me sick. I can only assume the people who booed are the fucking idiots who get interviewed hanging around outside the ground when SSN are there. Embarassing.
  17. as far i kno as long as u have your roadtax you can.
  18. the story regarding the anil ambani takeover it would appear has some substance. Its headlines in the telegraph and mail tomorrow.
  19. Bassong looks decent. wouldnt like to comment on anything else. hopefully well sign a CM before the new season starts. But to be fair theve been after modric and aimar so it looks like thats definetly a gap theyre trying to fill. Fingers crossed.
  20. €45 for the 2 games i think
  21. depressing watching. I can see a fight breaking out between duff and smith/milner at some point. Hes absolutely foaming with them. Smith + the midfield are sub standard, really look like they just dont want to be there
  22. Its proper worrying how strongly some of you feel about it. He's just a local lad who never says a bad word about the club he supports and does try 110%. Yeah hes not Shearer but dont hold that against him. The people saying hes bleeding the club dry? thats utter rubbish he could get the same money any where else but he just doesnt want to rush into signing for some tinpot shit team in the middle of nee where. I know if i was him i'd think carefully about my next move too as hes at the age now where its make or break for the rest of his career. One bad move and theres another Paul Robinson on
  23. Senderos is one of those name that if newcastle were playing arsenal i'd be happy if he was on their teamsheet. definetly not worth 10 million. I wouldnt have him in my team and i'd probably value him at 3 million. Not good enough imo
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