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    Arda Turan

    aye that 9mil bid we put in is gonna have to be at least 13/14mil now- sigh. another one that got away? he really looks a class act. his delivery and shooting looks good too
  2. Blue Square are running a free tournament if you place a £5 euro bet you can enter - just predict the scores of all the first 8 games and win prizes Ive got the first 4 predictions spot on, so cud be in for sum cash 1 07-Jun 17:00 Switzerland 0 - 1 Czech Republic 2 07-Jun 19:45 Portugal 2 - 0 Turkey 3 08-Jun 17:00 Austria 0 - 1 Croatia 4 08-Jun 19:45 Germany 2 - 0 Poland 5 09-Jun 17:00 Romania 0 - 3 France 6 09-Jun 19:45 Netherlands 1 - 1 Italy 7 10-Jun 17:00 Spain 2 - 0 Russia 8 10-Jun 19:45 Greece 0 - 0 Sweden Get the other 4 right for £250k - you can d
  3. haha torres u make me laugh. Reina is a joke. Hes a liability.
  4. http://english.sabah.com.tr/8864CBC16DB742...A11671EB79.html hmmmje
  5. Is it just me or does anyone else not understand the big 4 thing? Yes Liverpool have won trophies in Europe but would any of you seriously put your own money on them at the start of a new season to win the title? Chelsea, Arsenal or Man U yes but Liverpool No Look at their record this year against the Other 3 in the big 4 in the PL. They didnt win 1 of the 6 fixtures home or away. I agree they are better than 'The Rest' so to say. But i still think theyre a country mile from the Big 3 Anyone agree/Disagree? (torres)
  6. starting to get fed up with the shit they print in the sun might go back to the mirror
  7. I find this thread very appropriate for when ive been walking down northumberland street on my lunch hour this weeek aaaaaaaammmmmmmmmaaaazzzzzzzinggggggggggggggg
  8. surely it'd be more fun posting with fellow fans on a liverpool board opposed to trying to row with people on another teams board. Makes no sense really
  9. my moneys on that keegan and ashley are here longer than your on this board.
  10. sick of reading his shite tbh. shud have been banned ages ago.
  11. However, Mort is confident that Newcastle are heading in the right direction and that they will soon be in a position to attract player's like the 22-year-old Croatian international. "It is frustrating that Modric, like Woodgate before him, should take less money than we offered to move to the bright lights of London and European football with Tottenham next season. unreal. Spurs for less monkey?!?!? What a wanker
  12. Hes back!!!! Me old favourite the hacksaw Jim Duggen is back in the ring!!! hes about 60 now like
  13. Wouldnt get too excited really just read this article from the times date 10th April 2008. Tottenham out to get creative with move for playmaker Luka Modric Croatian international, Luka Modric Gary Jacob Tottenham Hotspur have held discussions with Dynamo Zagreb about the possibility of signing Luka Modric. Officials from the North London club met their Croatian counterparts on Tuesday in an effort to steal a march on other Barclays Premier League sides chasing the signature of the Croatia midfield player. Juande Ramos, the Tottenham head coach, was unable to persuade Tiago, the P
  14. you get 90 minutes on the pitch with proper officials and changing room usage. Its £999.99 per team and you can have a squad of upto 16
  15. on bet365 and couldnt decide whether of not to back us today. Though to myself to pop on here to see what you lads thought. But it turns out everyones a bit clueless aboout today. I think a score draw 2-2
  16. haha liked that, the wankers they are!
  17. Robert was truely awesome. Probably the best striker of a ball newcastle will ever see
  18. Aye, i used to read them both. Prefered Match cos it had the Player vs Player quiz on the back page ;D
  19. Dissent is a yellow card offence. About time more players were booked for it imo. hows saying "whats happening?" dissent? Surely dissent is saying "fuck off ref that was a booking" etc..
  20. definetly not a yellow card, yes he didnt need to go over but you cant get booked for saying whats happening? the worlds gone mad
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