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  1. let me buy it off you It's from when I was a bairn it wouldn't fit! What you wanting it for like? told me nephew the new toon top was a load of shite and id show him a proper top ;-)
  2. that sites brilliant, very much overpirced tho
  3. Canny random I know but.... Does any1 kno by any chance anywhere I could get me hands on this top?
  4. they wont make it to general sale IMO like, so i'd grab them asap if you have the membership
  5. Any1 see when Arsenal put the ball out midway in the chelsea half cos joe cole was injured only for john terry to boot the ball a yard away from arsenals corner flag for a throwing, made me feel sick. Cheating wankers Hate Chelsea Hate John terry
  6. ive worked at NR for 3 years now. Think ill take redundancy when its offered in Arpil/May should get 6k so im happy with that. Started looking elsewhere for a job already
  7. Newcastle are 9-1 on bet365 to win. haha if only
  8. Joey Barton fucking awful. Keeps passing to no-one?
  9. The Reading game is massive, MUST WIN
  10. RICO do you actually go to the games? Funny that you love Allardyce The mentality of Away games meaning Lets Play for a point was lost on me, Expand if you want
  11. Haha I cant believe you have so little to do you come to newcastle boards looking for arguments, What a life...
  12. And the delusion continues. Fucking Hell man. How's that dellusion?? Look at Man Shitty theyre in with a shout. Why not leave your pessimism for If we go down and just get behind the lads
  13. Swayze is not even dead yet you sick fuck. whats that got to do with him? wasnt grease travolta?
  14. We'd no doubt have more points under Allerdyce, But would only be about 6 points better off playing that dire football. Id far rather have made the change when we did and build in the summer,no doubt they didnt expect things would be quite this bad but I dont think we'll go down and If we bring in 5/6 players in the summer we can hopefully challenge for UEFA next year
  15. hahahahha I love random aggression
  16. Thinking of going with loads of me mates for my birthday in April. Any1 been I heard its brilliant like
  17. Adam Sadler been promoted from reserves to assistant and apparently shearers taken a part time forwards coaching role
  18. is it on tv ? man city arsenal that is
  19. Fernando Tissone is an Argentine football midfielder. He was born on July 24, 1986, in the city of Quilmes in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina. He currently plays for Atalanta B.C. in Serie A in Italy. Tissone started his football career in the youth system of Independiente before moving across Buenos Aires to join Lanús. After making only one appearance for Lanús, Tissone was scouted by Italian side Udinese Calcio. He joined Udinese in 2004 and made 30 appearances for the club, mainly as a substitute. In 2006 he was signed by fellow Italian team Atalanta. Scored 4 goals in 34 ap
  20. from what ive seen hes awful, no better than cacapa- although if im fair hes very good in the air. big fella and scores a fair few goals from corners and setpieces
  21. your right, what were we thinking Butt and viduka is what we need
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