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  1. HAHAHA you bastards you forced him out already ! typical toons fans! you shud be ashamed of yourselves!
  2. Typical Newcastle. You cant off hand sack your coach and not have a guarenteed replacement lined up. Oh sorry, forgot we are newcastle after all... Dissapointing to say the least. Maybe Mort showing his Naivity?
  3. Ive been listening to talksport over the past week or so and its really starting to pi$$e me off when other teams fans come and and say the CHAIRMAN shudnt be sitting with the fans + the newcastle fans are a disgrace etc etc Will someone please ring up and just say BTW HES NOT THE CHAIRMAN HES THE OWNER- MORTS THE CHAIRMAN, so to all you fans from other clubs get your fcuk-ing facts right before you ring up you pricks Rant over
  4. hes in at 12's redknapp down to 2/5
  5. Paddy power have stopped taking bets on next manager hummmmmmmm
  6. owen starts with the Vid. N'Zogbia in midfield \o/ at last!
  7. alrite guys a quick Q. All my mates are lower tier for blackburn away and im upper. do u kno if i will be able to get into the lower via an upper turnstile. I think it mite all be on the same level with just stairs but im f0rked if theres no way of getting into the lower bit from the upper turnstiles. Thanks for any help
  8. ive got £20 on 3-1 @ 35/1 Keep the faith - and roll in the money
  9. sorry did i miss the press release that said martins was 100% leaving in january???? .......
  10. Harper Taylor Faye Rozenhal Enrique Milner Barton Emre N'Zogbia Viduka Martins Bench Owen Geremi Foster Cacapa Beye
  11. any1 know when the club will start sending the sunderland away tickets out?
  12. did we win when u went? Was in the newcastle end in 2005. was the best day ever!
  13. Im ringing up tomorrow to get tickets in the home end just incase i dont get 3 tickets through the club (only got 2 last sunderland game) Shitting my pants about what will happen if we score
  14. too be fair sams not an idiot. He obviously wanted him for bolton but circumstances stopped him going. Its good news if we can sign up another promising youngster imo
  15. Sunderland Away. 2005. When shearer scored the penalty i fell 3 rows infront . Was amazing!! to go on and win 4-1 also. Best Game ive ever been too without a shadow of a doubt. Still have the highlights saved on my pc
  16. your all absolutely mad. Dont think just cos our defence is slightly better we can get rid of given. It will never happen. Jasskelinnen is pants in comparison. PS who said the defence was better? conceeded 5 in last 2 games Given is awesome, dont get complacent and dont think we dont need him anymore.
  17. Are you lot serious? starting a thread about that? I read it and laughed then thought nothing else of it, if it offends you that much you should probably mail biffa and tell him.
  18. got my bolton tickets on friday morning
  19. Top Three: Man U Chelsea Liverpool Bottom Three: Boro Sunderland Derby Best Buy: Geremi One to Watch: Van Persie Carling Cup: Newcastle FA Cup: Chelsea Champions League: Man Utd UEFA Cup: Some1 from Champs League
  20. I heard a rumour Curbs and some of his West Ham pals were bragging in a casino about how it was a bargain and Dyer was worth far more than that price, unfortunately for them Some of the newcastle board were there too and took exception to it hence this fiasco. This would make what sams been saying seem more practicle about "curbs starting it" etc.
  21. He hasnt signed yet? I wonder why the big hold up. Really shudnt take this long to sign an out of contract player shud it?
  22. Tbh i thought he was awesome today when he came on. Boo-ing him was shocking really. I think hes a great player for us. I just think hes got the hump cos allerdyce wants to use him as a right wing back so he wants to leave. He isnt a complete midfielder which is what allerdyce is looking for. On another note N'Zogbia was great second half if i had to choose one i'd defo keep him rather than dyer so heres to the zog staying put
  23. nah i defo wudnt be using it like
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