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  1. M'bia tweeting looks ominous for qpr, in disarray right now. If we can't get the 3 points there we deserve to go down and we'll have to just hold our hands up. Fwiw i think we'll be ok. 3 points against qpr and draw against arsenal. would make everything so much more relaxing were wigan to draw or lose tonight tho
  2. Michu injured too. Its beat qpr or bust im afraid.
  3. Man city will be guarenteed 2nd by then, reserve team out
  4. Villa on 40 points, they have Chelsea next week (probably 0 points) then wigan away final day. If we beat QPR, and we need to beat them... Whoever loses the Wigan Villa game could still go down, thats assuming Wigan dont beat Arsenal away.
  5. todays been a fucking nightmare, now were looking at norwich, we need them to lose/draw at home to west brom next week. What a fucking ball ache this season has been.
  6. Bars in town, I've had to start to frequent the bodega, the duke of wellington and the bridge hotel. Getting awld
  7. Sorry, but for me it has to be CT, I disagree with 90% of all of his comments about football and I think he has very little knowledge of it at all. I dont actually think your that annoying otherwise tbf (obviously your a working class tory in denial), but that aside you can actually be quite funny sometimes. I actually laughed at your 'what do you sound like' thread and still to this day dont believe that was you speaking, nobody has spoken like that since the 18th century!
  8. Haha love the fact i pulled her up on spelling and my 'phone'... Put three instead of the. Irony
  9. Embarrassing, this idiot got over 1000 votes in three last election. Look at her timeline, she can't even fucking spell.
  10. His decision making is dreadful. Cabaye captain? Hes not a leader, doesn't speak. 1 upfront all season, substitutions awful, negative play...
  11. Im predicting new member signup imminent, Weasel? Stoat?
  12. Insinuating that someone is sad and saying to anyone that they have nowt better to do than view a profile, when you have gone 'undercover' posting hundreds of messages on a rivals message board is golden! love it when u get mongs, who try to act intellectual when they are thick as mince. Still.creases me up the thought that he thinks hes some kind of hero on rtg when infact anyone over 14 is embarrassed by him.
  13. http://www.nufc.co.uk/page/News/Gallery/0,,10278~3154463,00.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  14. Didn't cisse train today? Colo too? Nufc.co.uk.gallery?
  15. Failed his test earlier man. Didn't want to use itk tag man but howayyyy. Debuchy and tiote did too
  16. haha tom you were right hes not playing whoops, definately in squad for mackems, possibly thursday. my bad
  17. hearing whispers hatem might be on the bench, fingers crossed
  18. Loads of negativity, the result seems awful when u go 1 nil up, but a 2 nil win and were through. If we get the first goal next Thursday the stadium will b rocking and we could quite easily get the second. Its not over by a long stretch
  19. If gardener picks up a booking in either of the next 2 games he'll be suspended too.
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