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  1. The journos know but arent reporting, he won't b coming back imo.
  2. According to mrs cabaye hes not playing today but feeling better. So shes put on instagram this morning
  3. haha just sent him into the away changing rooms and theres no shirt hanging up for willian so guessing hes out. Thankfully.
  4. My mate at the ground reckons willian has travelled and is fit. The tinkers been feeding our local press porkies
  5. Traore the beast with eto playing th number ten role im guessing
  6. Believe that's international sales tickets. Clubs will b allocated tickets for fans too
  7. Think shawcross slapped him ala cisse on shawcross ten minutes earlier
  8. No chance its genuine like
  9. I'd have given a yellow but can see why someone else might deem it red like. Nani makes it worse by not retracting his leg after initial contact.
  10. Ill get my extra small coat and head off after that shocker
  11. Marrakech for a week in late june. Should be good and hot!
  12. ive heard from my mate whos a steward that..... he and other stewards will be armed with air cannons and will be firing 'french themed' t-shirts into the crowd!! Absolutely hilarious!
  13. haha creasing at you! I'll ask the mrs to sort me out later thanks.
  14. Looks sub 20k attendance, not great but saying that im not going either.
  15. if we go through to the next round, do we play at home or away first? Its its home first that means we could potentially play away in russia on the thursday before sunderland at home..
  16. His silence suggests hes off like. He's club captain and has said nowt for months
  17. Cringing at the row between the pair on my twitter feed.
  18. Im sure in my youth i remember stevie getting banned then unbanned. I must be getting old. Still can't say it was'nt coming. (yes i know hes been locked not banned).
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