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  1. Reet, im cheap i know but... my season ticket I have used for years now in my grandads name/date of birth. (soon to be newcastle oldest fan!) I was gonig to order a magpie mover, what information does it have on it? Will it say OAP for example or does it just have my season ticket number on? Cheers
  2. Not many footballers get sent down for rape though. I reckon remy is good enough for top 4, no idea why arsenal arent in for him.
  3. can only assume the reason we are in for him ove remy (same price £8.6m) is that his salary must be a lot lower than remy who is probably on 80k at qpr. I'd take all the gomis wants 400,000 euros a month talk with a pinch of salt. Given the choice i'd have remy over him mind.
  4. Aye Andy i had the same thing. Doctor referred me to a specialist at freeman (que alarm bells) then got taken for an ultra sound straight away . Mine can be quite uncomfortable if me boxers roll up. Thankfully they sed it was a cyst on th top of me nad! definitely worth going to ur doctor asap if u notice anything. Theres nee secrets here btw...
  5. Don't really rate gomis, gets compared to drogba but more like jason scotland imo. Out of everyone available i'd far rather have remy
  6. Kalou no better than what we have. Pardews already stated he wants 2 up top next yr. He wouldn't play through middle here. Non starter
  7. Aye its ex display normally 150. Only want it for flights and holidays tbh. Duno if 7" is big enough for watching a film?
  8. For the geeks amongst us, just bought a MSI.7850 2gb oc graphics card. On the look out for a cheap 10" tablet if anyone can recommend a cheap one. Found a sumvision titan on ebuyer for £92. Seems an excellent price
  9. 2, possibly 3 mackems have commented on this thread. You'd think they would be more interested in who they have signed over who we haven't signed.
  10. I had a look on youtube, as you do... And they were turning things inside out, cutting this and that. Didn't really fancy it if im honest. Consultant said theres about a 50/50 chance of it coming back too so decided against it for the timebeing. i'll keep an eye on things and get it sorted should it change much. Clearly im soft as shite :-D
  11. Good news that. was at the freeman last month with a suspect lump myself. After a ultra sound they think i have a hydrocelle and a cyst on me bollock. The operation is pretty intrusive to sort it so i'll just be keeping a watchful eye on things for the next year or two. Was pleased it wasnt the big c though. Being so open about ur own story is great and certainly encouraged me to go to the doctor to have it checked out.
  12. unless the club want rid, be interesting if they try and play hard ball to get rid then bring in remy and bent. bet Anzhi were willing to pay 15m+ for cisse.
  13. the bookies "invent" heavy betting situations, close betting, then reopen it. Generates income cos everyone starts throwing money on that bet, when in reality theres been no betting on it at all previous to their announcement that they have received big sums of money for a certain bet
  14. Haha the original post man
  15. Its been a while since any toontastic posters had a shit in Fenwicks window to be fair. The exception being CT, but they were'nt related to this forum.
  16. If anyone has no commitments and can get to Manchester for checkin at 5am. http://m.hotukdeals.com/deals/14-night-package-crete-including-flights-hotel-bags-transfers-very-late-deal-90pp-1570608 Cant go wrong!
  17. JaMoUsE


    They are stopping doing them from october next year.
  18. Welcome aboard the wRonga train fish.
  19. JaMoUsE


    Ah right, thanks for the info chaps.
  20. JaMoUsE


    ive heard loads about paladium like, i'll check it out
  21. JaMoUsE


    Ive been smooching with everyone tbf
  22. just a quick bump, still got these tickets to shift
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