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  1. http://youtu.be/OFro7RlKzE8 Just read the Materialism thread, too late
  2. Real Name: Daniel Age: 23 Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia Whereabouts: Melbourne, Australia Job: Student, also work in a Warehouse sized Liquor Store Favourite Club: Newcastle Favourite Band: many; Radiohead, Say Anything, The Butterfly Effect, RHCP, Black Keys (to name a few) Favourite Food: love a nice steak, also quite like Italian Favourite Drink: Jameson, various forms of Beer Favourite Place: Great Ocean Road and the towns along it, South West of Melbourne Favourite Tv Show(s): The Wire, Deadwood, Breaking Bad, Justified, to name a few Favourite Film: never been able to narro
  3. The main question for me is what was Kevin Costner doing? Bad form for a bodyguard to lose their primary
  4. After the goal at around 2:20 it cuts to the crowd, there's clearly two blokes in there. Unless they're very manly women, or are Turkish Benjamin Buttons
  5. Pardew was saying something about wanting to hand Elliot a debut to avoid all the supposed questioning he'd be getting about when he would have a first start, as he foresees a lot of bench time
  6. Squidward has been as useful as a chocolate fireguard, how is it so obvious to everybody bar Pardew that there is nothing gained with him on the right wing
  7. Has anyone used the iPhone remote at a party or some other social function to make requests etc on somebodies itunes? I know it is supposed to be possible but having issues trying to connect another iPhone other than mine with my computer's itunes. Any body apple savvy able to help?
  8. Would appreciate a pm if anyone has one, thank you
  9. Definitely not now. Terrible decision, yellow at most. Go on Pim, chuck another midfielder on
  10. Our manager is a mong, I'll be surprised if we score at all this tournament
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