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  1. Aye, me too. Ant and Seb from last year still crack me up. Brilliant
  2. Paul


    Owen should be dropped for Portsmouth IMHO. Has offered fuck all the last few games and is a luxury we can't afford right now. Isn't captain material either.
  3. Paul


    I'm pretty sure most people over the age of 15 will know there was a snes version tbh...
  4. Anyone got the N96? Been offered an early upgrade from Vodafone and I'm torn between that and the C905. Looking at the Blackberry Storm too.
  5. Sorry mate but that's rubbish, how often have you seen us play this season? Bar a few decent games at the start of the season he has been awful.
  6. I wrote to them at the start of February to cancel and asked them to ring me so I could use my card to repay the discount. I've heard nowt. Ive heard today about a bloke who wrote to cancel after they took the first months DD of £59.98, they have now written to him stating that he owes them the first years discount of £60.00 and threatening to take him to court. As far as he, me and everyone else can see he owes £0.02 (which Im sure Mr Llambias will agree would cost more to administer, seeing as £17 per season ticket is too much to administer according to him) I was going to let the first DD go so that it just about evened up as you say but thought the payment would represent "starting" the scheme so just cancelled it before it was taken. I have had 2 direct debit payments taken from me and have e-mailed the club seeing if I can still cancel and I have been told to put it in writing, make sure I sign the letter and they will contact me in due course. Fuckers want to let me cancel or the direct debit is getting cancelled regardless.
  7. Got this the day it came out but haven't really played much of it. I'm not very good tbh, still on chapter 1-1
  8. Find someone who works at Llloyds, McDonalds etc and take advantage of the 30% line rental discount. This gets you an 18 month contract reduced from £44 per month to £29. Free I Phone Unlimited web 1200 minutes per month 500 Texts This works out at £522 over 18 months or yoy can buy on Pay and Go for £350 Bastard, my ex lass works at McDonalds! Should've thought about this before we split up
  9. With O2 you can get a bolt-on for an extra £7 or a month or something that will include unlimited texts in your package. That's what I'm going to do once my contract with Vodafone runs out.
  10. Pretty sure they can. Didn't they draw Chelsea in the quarters a few years back?
  11. We have our man... http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_5033839,00.html
  12. Anyone just hear Phil Thompson on Gillette? "When will managers learn not to criticise Liverpool football club when they are coming to Anfield - the place where the magic happens" Cock
  13. Is the right answer. In any other walk of life, dis-service to the level that they've provided would result in a full refund. Their kegs are obviously filling with shite at the realisation that we more than likely are not re-investing to watch the same garbage next season. Rather than pleading with us, how about listening and getting the fuck out? No it wouldnt. The price of a ticket guarantees you a seat in the stadium to watch a football match in a safe environment. Nothing more. Yeah I know that - I was just expanding somewhat and comparing it perhaps to having a meal in a restaurant... You're a picky sod at times Adam....... but you're right He's not man. If I subscribed to a great full colour glossy magazine like Sight and Sound, and after 2 months they start sending me greasy old black and white clippings from Paul Ross in the NOTW I'd cancel my DD and demand restitution. I am right. Just because the team is shit and get relegated doesnt mean you can claim a refund If you say that none of the big 4 have a 'realistic' chance of being relegated then 'a priori' there is just less than a 1 in 5 chance of any club going down when you buy a season ticket (or 3 out of 16). The ticket doesnt come with a quality guarantee. If I was to ask for a refund it would have nowt to do with that tbf, it's the liars we have running the club.
  14. Can you still cancel if the first direct debit payment has already been taken?
  15. Agreed. Cunt knew exactly what he was doing too.
  16. Paul

    Fable 2

    Just got this yesterday, quality game. Addicted already
  17. He's second favourite behind JFK to be our next permanent manager according to oddschecker But aye I agree, never going to happen.
  18. Couldnt agree more. There are better managers out there than KK. None that we could attract though...
  19. What's the fucking point in publishing that? It's not telling us anything we don't already know. Very strange. Out of nowhere, and for no obvious reason that I can think of. It's also curious that the club is speaking on Keegan's behalf - strikes me as a bit odd anyway for the club to be making statements in the name of both parties. Why not just say the club is in the arbitration process and will be making no comments? And, as you say, it tells us nothing we don't know. I've been trying to work out what might have prompted this but can't think of anything at all. Because he is coming back, simple as. We're you bieng sarcastic there or not? Not at all, said in a post yesterday that I think they will be in crisis talks today and it wouldnt surprise me in the least if for a number of reasons, KK coming back was the final outcome. Fingers crossed anyway. Would be great but I honestly can't see it Fingers crossed though..
  20. Was in the Sunday Sun today. No quotes or anything I don't think, hopefully true though
  21. I've done this, but never anything expensive. Just DVD's, Xbox games and the like.
  22. I've been on Sky Sports News. Bout it for me
  23. bored at the games or frozen-spunk horizon? Both In all seriousness I don't really look forward to games that much anymore as I don't seem to enjoy it half as much as I used to, there's just something missing.
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