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  1. I’ll get back to you on that one,if you don’t mind.
  2. Will he bring Almiron on in the second half 😉
  3. I told you all last season about our inability to play out from the back.
  4. Villa’s right back is wearing an Alice band in an attempt to keep his extra long comb back in place to disguise the biggest baboon’s arse I’ve seen in a long time.
  5. The ref want’s nowt to do with their cheating
  6. The sort of miss you’d have expected last season’s number 9 to miss.
  7. When asked if he was being told to either start BUJ7 or bring him on as sub,he replied ‘ well he didn’t play last weekend’. So who was the useless get that came on after 85 mins?
  8. Wilson’s due an injury,but nee worries if he does,BUJ7 will step in again.
  9. What he’s saying is,if he brings some one in ,possibly a good player,he would imbalance his decent squad,so best not to.
  10. He hasn’t always played as an isolated target man though,and when he’s found himself at times in his preferred position ( wide-ish left in the opponent’s half ) he’s been shite.When he’s been selected in his preferred position from the start he’s been shite.If we put Ritchie outside right I would expect him to produce something,even at right back !!!! He knows he can produce nowt or next to nowt and be sub at worst for the next game, with an excellent chance of being brought on.I do take your point about the ‘injured’ Shelvey mind.
  11. Daren Bent’s mother stopped watching her son play for the makems due to being racially abused.
  12. Brucey has just been asked if he thinks BUJ7 will ever make it. ‘I hope so.He’s 24,in fact he’s just turned 25.It won’t be for the sake of trying’. Basically,we’re going to have to put up with BUJ7 trying to make it for a few more seasons yet 😡
  13. Brucey is on BBC Total Sport tonight so I’ll text the programme and ask them to ask him if his son Alex has done any work for NUFC either paid or unpaid of via a third party. I don’t expect the question to be put to Brucey due to Radio Newcastle being very chummy with the posh geordie.They’re forever telling the listeners that they don’t really know what goes at the club,and they won’t,because they give Brucey an easy ride at the weekly Friday press conference with our fat manager.
  14. On rtg they’ve shown proof that it was a clear offside goal they scored near the end of the match yet some of the sad bastards will not accept it.Before the end of the day I expect the assistant,ref who got the decision right ,to be added to their hate list.
  15. Bumrah’s 9 ball over to Anderson in the first innings.Were his 3 no balls intentional, to put the shits up Anderson even more ? If so,it certainly paid off in a major way with regards to winning the match.
  16. I totally agree.The ref was in no position to be confident a foul had taken place and replays showed that no foul had taken place.Murphy kicked the ball against the shins of the West Ham player,with no real aggressive follow through.
  17. When Antonio takes the pen Ritchie has two West Ham players next to him.Hayden and Almiron are standing on the edge of the box marking no one.Shelvey is marking up.When the ball finally ends up the net,Almiron is still stationary,clearly having shown no interest whatsoever in getting involved in any defensive duties,or in fact moving.Hayden does stroll into the box but Shelvey is another player who had no interest in entering the box to help,or in fact moving.A shambles of a decision to award the pen,shambolic positioning from some of our players as the ball was kicked ,and lazy cowardice aft
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