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  1. If they reach the final will they be able to sell their 10,000 ticket allocation? Charlton sold more tickets than the makems in last seasons playoff final.
  2. And he still believes BUJ is a threat.There’ll always be a threat of relegation with Brucey and BUJ as a double act.
  3. There you go,those seasonal unrealistic expectations of ours.
  4. 44th out of 92. Above half way so well done Midget Johnson,not the height of my kitchen he is.
  5. The makems will piss and shit in the fountain next to the statue of Edward Adrian Wilson,who died with Scott in the Antarctic.
  6. 🤫🤫🤫 They mustn’t have realised it yet.
  7. Wilson to replace Harry-Kane at Tottenham Remember where you heard it first.
  8. They’re trying to compete with other clubs regarding ‘bigness’ because they cannot compete with us . Give them a bit slack mate 😀
  9. On rtg 14,000 views on the thread about their new directors. 19,000 about our game against Leicester. Sad Obsessed Makem Bastards
  10. Fat or fattish,I’d rather see Carroll come on in any position rather than Longstaff,Hendrick,Lewis,Uselescelles and BUJ.
  11. At halftime one makem made on he wasn’t aware of the score and asked if it would be worth his while watching the second half. Today they’ll all be asking their mates what the score was as none of them will admit to actually watching the game .
  12. Shelvey didn’t really do any wrong,apart from being anonymous for most of the game
  13. Fingers crossed Brucey doesn’t better Rafa’s league placing.How unbearably would he and the media be if he did.
  14. ‘I’ve always said,if we get our big players back we’d be ok’.
  15. Only Brucey could decide that weakening the team is the way to secure a victory.
  16. Don’t give a fuck one week then first sub to come on in the next game
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