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  1. Spot on,and our captain and leader was back today .
  2. If we finished every season in 17th position,Brucey would still get nothing but praise from his pals in the media.The thing is,with him in charge I think most of us accept 17th position as success.That’s how pathetic the situation is.
  3. Nor me. Almiron averages a goal every 10 games and I would imagine his assist record is worse.
  4. He’s rarely any good to be honest.Willock was shite.The Saint was anonymous second half,which isn’t unusual.Wilson must be pissed off with the service he gets.
  5. Our balanced ,decent squad haven’t produced the goods today
  6. ‘The turning point was Callum’s excellent chance in the first half,then the very harsh penalty given against WAH’
  7. To be honest it was a tad high.Away from the body would have been natural when stretching,and possibly waist high.
  8. The same players run out of steam on a regular basis.I wonder who he’ll bring on to change things?
  9. Don’t worry,we have a decent,balanced squad.
  10. Read my posts and learn.You have to start somewhere sonny.
  11. You’re right,he ends up on his arse but it was perfect for Mings to stretch forward to knock it on so I’m not going to put any blame on TOT.
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