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  1. RIP Jimmy Hill. 19th May 1997 The final day of the season. Jimmy Hill’s Coventry kicked off 15 mins late against Bristol City.Either team could have been relegated that day. Everton were playing the SMB.Everton won 2-0. The Sad Makem Bastards would be relegated if Jimmy Hill’s Coventry drew with Bristol City.Jimmy Hill’s Coventry announced the Everton v Sad Makem Bastards final score over the tannoy ,2 v 0 ,so both Jimmy Hill’s Coventry and Bristol City pissed about with no intention of scoring for the final 15 mins resulting in both teams avoiding relegation so the Sad Mak
  2. Wyke must be wondering how you please those sad makem bastards if scoring 25 league goals in 37 games attracts such criticism.If their keeper doesn’t notch a couple in the playoffs he’ll be added to their very long hate list.
  3. The thing is,no one ever rings football talk shows ,either on tv or the radio and mentions Rafa.It’s the clueless presenters and know-nowt pundits who bring comparisons up then agree with each other that Brucey is better than Rafa.You’d think the editors of these programmes would ask the presenters to put them straight instead of believing all ex-players know more than fans.’Unless you’ve played the game.......’ .That’s the usual shite you get .
  4. Less chance now of finishing higher than Rafa had us so not a bad result.We all know he’d have a dig at the fans if it did happen and his pals in the media would have a field day .
  5. Was it prior to the 98 or the 99 FA Cup Final when a Toon’s ex-reserve keeper got lifted for selling tickets on the black market that had been allocated to the players. Dont players still receive a few FA Cup Final tickets,even if their clubs are not in the final. I’m sure some tickets connected to a Man Utd legend were being sold on the black market for a cup final a few years ago and the FA banned him from receiving any for a couple years.
  6. It looks like he has a deformed right arm and a massive right hand.Is it a Blyth thing?
  7. Does he not have his fatha’s phone number?
  8. The majority on rtg are criticising someone called Wyke because he’s scored 25 league goals in 37 games and others haven’t scored anywhere near that amount.
  9. Darren Bent,whose mother was racially abused by makems while watching her son play for the makems,said on talkSHITE this morning that Scott Parker is too good a manager to be at Fulham.Err...I think his CV will suggest he isn’t.
  10. Today smb under 18s 3 v 4 Toon under 18s Not even the tiniest of tiniest crumb of comfort for those sad makem bastards.
  11. He’s already off... Ed Sheeran SJP 9th June 2018 ’ For the second night in a row you have been a Premier League crowd which is more than can be said for that little town down the road’
  12. Well I certainly never said it.Is he acusing me of saying it?
  13. That’s what the media would have said about Brucey if we’d gone down,plus our unrealistic expectations didn’t help.
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