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  1. How desperate would a player have to be to sign for us knowing our situation,and especially after having a chat with Brucey?
  2. Ha ha.Got it now I think.Players turning their backs,and actually getting out the way of shots,hasn’t contributed in putting us in the shit.Has it made us a better,more solid outfit, when defending? We can only hope our keeper thinks differently to you? X
  3. When they’re all fit,we have a decent,well ballanced squad.Well that’s what Brucey believes,so no further recruitment required I would have thought.If we’d had to play Man Utd before the break,with the inevitable defeat,would he have still been manager after the break for the home game against Leeds?
  4. Some canny alternatives to be honest.
  5. I’m surprised Brucey didn’t say the first goal was straight from the training ground.Probably started it first thing on Monday morning and got it right late Friday afternoon.
  6. Tim Sherwood.I flicked on to SKY match day programme,or whatever it’s called,prior to the start of our game and they were discussing the Perez red card incident .’ As someone who’s played the game,I can tell you there was no intended malice ‘ .Another tosser who thinks because he was a professional footballer ,he is to be believed on all footballing matters.
  7. The Murphy penalty was 100% not a foul,no matter how many times you watch it.
  8. At fault for the penalty and failing again to organise our defence/team.There cannot be anyone on here who believes he’s anything other than a lower league central defender with no leadership qualities or organisational skills.I don’t think I’ve ever watched a centre half who is found more out of position when a ball is played into the box.
  9. Second best again. ’I thought it was a harsh penalty.VAR again goes against us’ .Hey,look,we played well in the second half and hey,we could easily have won it but for VAR.
  10. Has Almiron contributed in any way during this game?
  11. Well worked goal so let’s see how far we can drop off the Southampton players again.
  12. ‘Look,hey,Southampton are a good team who like to keep the ball’.
  13. With the ‘service’ he gets you cannot blame him for shooting at every opportunity.Let’s hope he can run himself into the ground this half as well.
  14. Jumping out of tackles now.Clearly not giving a fuck
  15. And about time.The Saint and Almiron have still to lose interest with BUJ7 still to come on so I expect things to get a lot worse in the second half.
  16. TOT marking neebody for that corner
  17. It contributed towards us conceding but turning his back and getting out the way played a massive part so it was an issue.
  18. I agree with a lot of what you say,and I’ve highlighted a lot of what you have said in previous posts,which you may have missed.It’s a shame you’ve let yourself down by suggesting I believe only cowardice is the problem,which of course,you know I’ve never suggested it is.Maybe in your lifetime of supporting NUFC it’s been rife,and you know nothing different,but it certainly wasn’t happening not that many years ago.I never saw John McGrath do it,nor Moncur,nor Pat Howard,nor Peter Jackson,nor Darren Peacock,nor Steve Howey,nor Nick The Greek,nor Woodgate.In fact I cannot remember anyone in th
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