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  1. probably all the info you'll need in here http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/showthread.php?t=18088
  2. depends how much he'd cost. If its a couple of mill then he's worth a go. I think he's been fairly solid.
  3. Seen it before, its very good. The Host is by the same writer/director, Joon Ho Bung. Very different film though
  4. I cracked and got one. I always said I would have bought it if it was 300 quid and thats what I did. Should be with me by the end of the week
  5. anyone care to dig out Leazes reaction when we went out under Souness?
  6. Is that the one with Chow Yun Fat (sp) in it? No, Andy Lau and Tony Leung. Infernal Affairs is better. I thought the Departed was great and the direction and style of the film was superb. However all the subtlety of the original was lost. Even more annoying was the pandering to American morals with .
  7. apparently the amount Sky were asking for was 10.95 per person per year. Doesnt sound like a lot to me and Virgin will have spent more than that on their smear ad campaign.
  8. Fuck off man. It's a class film. Up there with Goodfellas. No it isn't. Yes it is.
  9. That girl out of the Subways is plain as. Who won in the end? My vote would have went for Karen O. You can tell she's filth. Not sure if Im the right gender though
  10. Is Madley near telford (black country) if so I think you are onto a winner here There is a little village next to Telford called Madley (Ive stayed in some hotel there called the Madley Court), Telfords about 15 mins away from Wolverhampton and has got nothing there but Inland Revenue buildings and a shopping centre. Imagine Washington on Prozac and you have an inkling of the Telford buzz. Stevenage comes close to Telford but not quite as bad. Wellington is the best Telford has to offer like Pud, at least theres a few pubs there. Thank God I dont live there anymore
  11. I like Einstein’s view best I think, of “God” in the order of things, not in the conventional sense of any “God”. Although I guess that drove him to his unifying theory, which was far too much even for him. and made him shit himself when it came to Quantum
  12. she was on GMTV yesterday. She missed the appointments because she has depression, had a panic attack and therefore couldnt make it. The only way to avoid these attacks is to stay slumped on the couch, smoke a few Regal and watch Jeremy Kyle.
  13. I played on live with 512 for 3 years and never had any issues. You wont make the greatest host but its definitely adequate
  14. this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cmw6Jne0tAQ obviously only the first time you saw it.... sort of loses its impact after that
  15. so scary then? is it cruel to find this funny?
  16. Sorry couldnt resist. I'll try and make it up with this but Im not sure if its cute or scary
  17. problem with blu ray isnt the price, it isnt the quality now as they seem to have sorted that and are almost on a par with HD-DVD, its the fact that they are intent on shafting the consumer as much as possible. Region coding is one of the big reason some studios support Blu Ray (especially Fox), the only reason for which is to stop you being able to get the disc cheaper abroad.HD-DVD has no region coding. One of the main reason the porn industry is going with HD-DVD is that Sony wont allow certain content to be put onto Blu Ray. A certain studio that specialises in B horror movies was turned down for a Blu Ray license because it 'wasnt suitable for Blu Ray'. So they not only want to have total control over the price but total control of the content too. If you look at it from a consumer point of you there should be only one winner. Sony are a bunch of cunts tbh
  18. I reckon that's fair comment. They must have piled millions into the Blu-Ray format with a view to getting one in every home via PS3. Their entire format war strategy is balanced upon it. I hope Blu-ray goes tits up personally. they've just been started claiming that they've won the war as a blu ray disc finally topped the sales chart ahead of a HD-DVD disc. Small details like the HD DVD disc beaten is Batman Begins and its been out since November dont seem to matter at Sony.
  19. had a preorder cancelled it. Dont even think there'll be a market for selling on either. You can pick up a Jap PS3 for around £300 on ebay at the minute. A fair portion of the UK machines will go straight on ebay. You could end up with a bargain if the buyers market isnt there like the US launch
  20. Is til the ending, that ruins the film. Although the book is a bit like that too according to my friend... If you're after Miyazaki i'd recommend princess monoke, nausicaa of the valley of the wind, kikis delivery service and grave of the fireflies. None are as good as spirited away but they come quite close. Felt let down by Princess Mononoke and to a lesser extent Grave of the Fireflies after all the hype like. avoid pom poko, only yesterday and porco rosso then. They are miles behind the others i've mentioned so far. Don't get me wrong, their good, just not as good as the others. I loved Pom Poko though. Probably because it never had any of the hype of the others. Pom Poko isnt a Miyazaki film, neither is Only yesterday. They're written directed by Isao Takahata who also did Grave of the Fireflies and My Neighbours the Yamadas Laputa is still his best work imo but then I prefer mononoke and nausicaa to spirited away
  21. Same thing happened to Bowyer didnt it? Played alright in a friendly, great cross for Smith to score and then wasnt picked because 'his face didnt fit'. Apparently because he told Beckham to fuck off.
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