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  1. If deaths are down then the only explanation for the difference between the two waves (assuming it hasn't mutated) is the state of readiness of the NHS. They're better equipped to deal with it now that the government's incompetence has been worked through? Which basically means that the real factor behind the deaths of 40,000 people was chronic underfunding of the NHS by successive Tory governments, and stunning incompetence from the sitting one. Lovely.
  2. RL is a better football sim than FIFA IMO. Takes about 100 hours to master the basics though...
  3. I thought you knew it was a Chinese government conspiracy? That's some climb down mate...
  4. It's done now either way though. May as well just see where it takes us. Quite looking forward to the independent Scotland moment tbf. 58% of Scots now want out according to a poll yesterday. At some point it will hit a number that will be hard for Westminster to ignore. I personally think we're about 2% off that.
  5. I don't I guess, maybe you're right.
  6. I wonder, probably more with desperate hope than anything else, if the EU have privately acknowledged that they would be willing to compromise on something small, and that Johnson has asked them to tee him up for a bit of grandstanding in order to sell it on the home front. Barnier travels to London tomorrow, agrees something minor, Boris gets to claim that the EU came grovelling back to the door and he had them over a barrel as the great mastermind he is, no one cares about the details, the EU go home happy to have gotten everything they wanted minus one very small thing, and the
  7. Cameron starting all of this in the first place was one of the greatest acts of incompetence that I've ever witnessed, politically speaking. Including everything Chris Grayling has ever done. Boris has only been PM for about 18 months, he hadn't racked up a fiasco quite on that level (IMO) in that time - even with COVID which, again, is at least partially at Cameron's door for underfunding the NHS for a decade anyway. He now has. I cannot imagine ever again in British history will an elected official do as much damage to the country as Johnson has now managed, even allowing for Cam
  8. Is Boris Johnson now, finally, surpassing Cameron as the shittest Prime Minister in history? He's an irresponsible trainwreck of a human being before we ever get close to his abilities as a minister.
  9. Incredible. Predictable, inevitable, but still incredible. Johnson is a cunt.
  10. Far better off with KCG answering that one, I'm a recent convert. If I had to say, I'd imagine that a hard border would be worth the price to many Scots. I'd be ok with it personally.
  11. Did he actually say that?
  12. I agree with everything he's saying here and think it's smart that he is writing it in the Telegraph
  13. I think I'm just done with democracy as you said further up and as I have said myself repeatedly. Gonna join KCG with the SNP vote though, an independent Scotland can't come soon enough.
  14. Resigned membership as well but didn't want to mention it earlier because you'll doubtless be on at me again for flip flopping and tbf I did say I was going to quit after voting Starmer but i never got around to it. This is now twice I've resigned from the party due to their EU stance though. Once under Corbyn and now under Starmer. Fairly consistent on this point
  15. Don't really disagree with any of that, but in the end this is a deeply held issue for me and one that I can't find it in myself to budge from. I mean it does affect me quite directly which is perhaps partially why. Either way though, I can't follow the party into this particular direction. And from the party's point of view, they have weighed my loss against the gains of the redwallers. They want them, not me. There's not all that much more to it.
  16. I'm struggling to see it in the initial post, especially since the two statements it's couched between are both quite possibly accurate. Yes Starmer may set the foundations for a return, and yes I have given up on democracy. It's worth noting though that Starmer appears to me to be pragmatic above everything else. He isn't going to push us back towards the EU on principle, only if there are votes in it. Therefore it makes sense for me to hold my vote ransom if i ever want to see this happen. Not that I actually matter at all, but you get the idea. I stuck wi
  17. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but i don't give a fuck who you blame - the idea that you think I can be shamed into voting labour based on this feeble logic is kind of hilarious. Blame me if it helps you sleep at night though.
  18. So you think that Labour will win power and then take us back into the EU?
  19. It genuinely is - having been in a pretty difficult place for the past couple of years, I can say that being up here has helped me immeasurably. I'll be reluctant to go back, if the time ever comes.
  20. Yeah I did it with Miliband, I remember what you're "meant" to do. But to some extent the party still has to represent you.
  21. So my voting position becomes 100% "I hate the Tories". Because atm at least, Labour don't appear to stand for anything whatsoever. Again, pragmatism I'm sure, but apart from deciding they support Brexit, they've abstained on pretty much everything else. I get it, they're working out how to position themselves - but it's clear that this position is going to be over to the red wall voters. And great, I hope that works out for them, but my vote is not guaranteed, I've compromised more than I ever wanted to and at some point it has to stop. I mean it makes no difference anyway, I'm "r
  22. Between Dumfries and Glasgow, one of the little villages down there. Slightly nearer to Dumfries tbf. I'll be moving soon but still in the area. I'm here in part because my Mum needs some support atm (as did I when I went, I suppose), and in part because coronavirus has sort of stopped me going back for what was supposed to just be a few months Ultimately I'm just rudderless right now but I do prefer living up here to being in England, I can say that very readily.
  23. I've compromised enough. I've compromised all the way from basically supporting the vast majority of the Corbyn program to whatever watered down versions Starmer is going to put out, but I'm not stepping over the line on Brexit. “I wish we weren’t in the situation we are in now. But I think that trying to reopen those debates and those old wounds, I don’t think it will help the country move on and I don’t think it will help the Labour Party move on. “I don’t see that we’re going to be in a position that in the next election we’re going to be campaigning to go back into the EU
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