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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-54675232 Snowflakes
  2. He tweeted something a day or two ago about being proud to be involved with the GGG v Martin Murray fight. It took place more than 5 years ago
  3. The notion we can only attract deadwood is bollocks imo. Just because no other club in the division would touch Bruce with a barge pole shouldn’t infer every other club in the division is a more attractive option. On the wages we pay and the stature of the club and the league were in there’s bound to be loads of managers who’d come who are more progressive, younger, hungrier and just better than Bruce. Even if we were just viewed as a steppingstone (which is pretty much how every decent player we’ve signed over the last decade or so has viewed the club).
  4. Do these rootin’ tootin’ god-fearin’ patriots not find it a bit odd that Iran and Russia want Trump to win?
  5. It doesn’t even make sense from his own twisted point of view. Like how does helping these kids in short term prevent them tackling the long-term causes of child poverty? Not that they’ll be doing the latter anyway but the idea the two are mutually exclusive simply doesn’t add up. That’s without getting into how much Dido Harding et al have been handed by these lot for doing next to fuck all
  6. Not in that jacket he’s got on in that video
  7. He came, did a good job, wasn’t backed and subsequently left at the end of his contract. What an incredible turn of events. And in any case, UM’s preferred option is one of the most mercenary managers out there. Has he ever seen out a contract?
  8. Blaming the other side for being unreasonable in negotiations. That sounds familiar. And the substantial meals thing is just to protect the chains. Fuck everyone else.
  9. Best bit was he fucked off after taking the huff because the decision to delete his post wasn’t explained to him
  10. It’s a shame we have a Wilson in the squad after Noelie had already fucked off
  11. I’ve seen fuck all to suggest he’s any good but he’s clearly a bit better playing a bit deeper. Bruce hung him out to dry by playing him as a centre-forward for the opening 2/3s of last season. Then when he did play him in a different position his confidence was already shot to pieces
  12. Thing is as well, Parker is young / inexperienced, which is obviously a risk but it might pay off. With Bruce you know exactly what you’re getting with fuck all chance of a positive outcome.
  13. I honestly think Ashley had the notion that getting Bruce in and giving him a bit of money would see a better return than Benitez in terms of points and league position. Just to prove some weird point because the fans loved Rafa and he wouldn’t just meekly do what he was told. It backfired somewhat with the signing of Joelinton. I can’t imagine another team in the division going for Bruce (or paying that money for Joelinton).
  14. Our decent start (points-wise at least), might be enough to make the difference. We’ve been statistically awful for the whole of Bruce’s tenure though and you’d think the apparent luck would even itself out sooner or later. I wouldn’t put a lot of money on it either way
  15. Every manager going buys some shit. There’s a lot less risk involved when you’re given the funds to buy tried and tested rather than having to take a punt on young and unproven players though. Benitez managed to improve most of the players who played under him though. Look at the money we got for Perez for example. Not just him though, Lascelles was being touted for silly money. He’s probably worth about 20% of what he was when Bruce inherited him. It says a lot about Bruce that he can’t even drill his defence well. That said, I reckon we’ll be ok again when you look at some of the sides in t
  16. Self catering, hactually. I don’t like to mix with the proletariat
  17. I’ll send you the link to the place I stayed at.
  18. The people who go mad for it often don’t have a clue about history. Then you have knobs like that Tory mp who are patriotic in the jingoistic sense but wouldn’t go near military service. They love a good war so long as it doesn’t involve anyone they care about. It’s pretty much the opposite of respect for the people who serve in the military because, like most politicians that jump on the land of hope and glory bandwagon, they view them as expendable rather than actual people doing a tough job. But as long as he’s got his poppy on first
  19. Eskdale was quiet when I stayed there in July and we’re going back to the same place next year. When I went to Wasdale it was insanely busy though. People camping and parked everywhere. Also last time I was there I went walking near Hayeswater. There was a sign on the beacon at the top of Thornthwaite Crag telling you to stay clear due to danger of falling rocks. Pretty much guaranteed that’s due to tits climbing on it.
  20. Wearing a poppy gives you exemption from wearing a mask
  21. Just like the evangelicals that support them then
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