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  1. There’s nothing ironic about it. It’s been shoved down everyone’s throat.
  2. I think a brain drain is inevitable. If I was in my 20s I would be looking to move abroad.
  3. I can’t say I saw more than about 10 minutes of the coverage yesterday or follow the whole carry on, beyond knowing her and Harry have moved abroad and effectively left the royal family. Also, beyond this place, I’m pretty much off social media. Would I be right in guessing that her attendance created more outrage than that of Prince Andrew?
  4. When you’ve got labour shortages, low wages, high inflation etc., how the fuck is making people’s working conditions worse likely to improve productivity or attract people to join a company / organisation? When this doesn’t work expect to see Truss in Kyiv every other week cosplaying Thatcher.
  5. I must keep missing the coverage of this in the MSM
  6. I’d love it if the Russians asked him for their money back
  7. Turned the telly on. They’ve not even started the service yet.
  8. He’s been queueing since then. Gawd bless ‘im
  9. Had a drive over to near Keswick today and parked at the forestry commission place at Dodd Wood. From there I did Dodd > Carl Side > Long Side > Ullock Pike. Then stopped off on the way back and did High Rigg. Fucking lovely. I was going to go tomorrow but I thought the fells might be too sad
  10. Yeah, good read. It kind of shows how little most people know or are interested in what the queen actually did. Both in a wider role in the constitution but also the day to day aspects. So they reference the only thing they can remember, the Paddington sketch. I also think a lot of people just need to be told what to think so they’ve been told the nation is heartbroken, so they think they should be
  11. I like how he turned his nose up at joining us even though we weren’t in for him anyway.
  12. Caught a bit of the news (or the ‘queues’ as it should now be called). Someone with a stick / limp pretending to be stoic but actually complaining about the wait to get into the shorter ‘accessible’ queue despite not realising they’re part of the problem, ie the shear volume of people. Not to mention it’s their choice. You’re not evading Russian tanks on foot, you chose to go there, you dozy fucking bint
  13. It’s a significant minority but it’s still a minority who’ve lost their collective shit (if they ever had it). I’m not saying it’s not terribly depressing what a bunch of sycophantic fuck wits they are. But there’s no way most people feel this way, although you’d be forgiven for thinking so if you watch the news
  14. Funny how they claim our connection to Bilbao is tenuous, given theirs is nonexistent
  15. Yeah but Isak is new to the team and the league, Bruno has just come back and then Wilson and ASM aren’t available. I do get what you’re saying and it reinforces the lack of quality in terms of options to bring on and creativity. But we were the worst team in the division and absolutely nailed on for relegation 12 months ago. Now we’re disappointed to be sat in mid-table and not tonking sides at home.
  16. Apart from the obvious duo of Wilson and ASM we miss Shelvey. He’s not the answer long term or good enough against the top sides but him being out just pushes the dross one step closer to the starting XI
  17. It’s odd. You would think he’s never going to get on if not in a situation like the last 20 mins here
  18. At least she can flog her wristband
  19. Anyone willing to pay that deserves to be taken for a mug
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