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  1. Looking at the past

    It's true really. That was a double bluff. Or was it?
  2. I was joking. I wouldn't go for drink with you though.
  3. Looking at the past

    I love how you think a jibe about something CT made up would get to me.
  4. Looking at the past

    I did fuck off for a while. I needed a break from the place (and vice-versa tbh). The usernames were a bit of a joke. The Fup thing was nowt to do with Fop like (not intentionally anyway).
  5. Looking at the past

  6. Looking at the past

    Written in crayon, like most of his posts.
  7. Looking at the past

    Was a good one though, tbf.
  8. Aye. It's because it's about racism though. The attitude towards it is fucking ridiculous in that (a bit like related issues such as immigration) you can't have anything like a reasonable debate about it. You're either racist or you're not when in reality it's much more subtle that that.
  9. It's nothing personal. I fucking hate you like but you were just talking shit on this occasion.
  10. Yeah, definitely. I don't think he's all that but he's impressed me over the last 2-3 seasons (barring his numerous injuries which are a massive worry). I think he was shite a lot of that time though but it's like the penny's dropped and he knows what he's good at. Watch him be fucking gash now I've said that.
  11. Looking at the past

    Btw, didn't you have multiple usernames on that shit forum in your sig? You should remember because you used to reply to yourself when no one else posted on there. And didn't you sign up under a different name on here when you wanted to be even more racist than usual? You had the white cliffs of Dover with "Fuck off we're full" or something written on as your avatar if you need your memory jogging. Those are rhetorical questions btw.
  12. Where Are They Now?

    Geniune frootloop him like.
  13. I said I thought Alan Smith would be a good signing. I said Mike Williamson was as good as Steven Taylor. There's a couple off the top of my head.
  14. Where Are They Now?

    Didn't Budgie get done for selling clobber out the back of his van?
  15. Largely agree although I sort of see it more as the elite kidding themselves they aren't prejudiced.
  16. Where Are They Now?

    Class. I remember there being a bit of a 'story' about Geoffrey off Rainbow working in his local Sainsbury's or something.
  17. Looks like he wrong. Will he admit though?
  18. Weird Stuff We Say

    I quite like that, although it's a bit strange at first. Also, sticking "so it/he/she/you is/are" on the end of sentences takes a bit of getting used to. There was a lad from Fermanagh I knew who used to say "Good luck" the way you'd say "Good night" or "See you later". Not sure if that's common over your way.
  19. The reason I use phrases like that in regard to you is because you either change the subject or just completely avoid the question when I or someone else points out an obvious fallacy in what you've just said. Again, just read the previous page. Or the day before when I made a point about the role of the press in stuff like this and you responded by making out I was defending Terry. I don't know who you think you're fooling like.
  20. All that just illustrates what everyone is trying to tell you, i.e. about the subjective nature of this case and cases like it tbh. You're tying yourself up in knots as usually just by being contrary. A quick look at your last half a dozen posts would tell anyone reading them that you don't even agree with yourself.
  21. Weird Stuff We Say

    I did wonder about the netty / gabinetti thing when I found out that was the Italian word for it, but I couldn't see how it would end up being NE slang.
  22. Where Are They Now?

    There's a bloke on here, used to a bigwig in marketing or some such. I think he's a taxi driver now.
  23. I'd suggest that's relevant. Unlike most of the answers you've given to the points I've raised.
  24. Nicely avoided the question I see. Classic ©

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