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  1. He’ll be not so clever when he refuses a vaccination and can’t pretend to be abroad anymore.
  2. Ship’s Cat is a decent pint when you can get a seat outside in the sun but Low Lights is the more traditional pub out of the lot of them. I’ll second the Waterfront as a good chippy though; not as good as everyone from the coast likes to believe their chip shops are but still top notch.
  3. Not to mention, it’s hard not to think that any ex-players with any real critical thought probably choose to stay within the game in a coaching capacity.
  4. Life “back to normal” by June. It’s that easy.
  5. Lewis shows some attacking adventure at least. Krafth is like if Dummett couldn’t defend.
  6. Krafth If one of my scouts recommended him and Joelinton in the same window, they would be sacked on the spot.
  7. Only Steve Bruce could be given a proven Premier League goal scorer, sell nobody, take every single player backwards and be told he’s doing a good job. Unbelievable. It’s actually unbelievable
  8. All to play for after being well clear before Xmas Think his memory might be shorter than the journos and pundits
  9. We talk about Bruce being the lowest paid manager but Charnley will be the lowest paid chairman as well. Bet his Christmas bonus was a £10 Amazon voucher
  10. How rich is he? Isn’t he just an heir to loads of money? They’ve basically appointed Donald Duck
  11. It’s a fucking shit show, no two ways about it. Not feeling too battered as I’m doing my very best to look ahead to the summer with the vague hope that the warm weather will change things for the better but that’s eradicating with talk of a million variants and fuck knows what else. I’ve been cooking more which has helped but even the routine of spending time with our lass has vast swathes of browsing through Netflix aimlessly and just generally both trying to cheer the other up. I’m not sure it’ll destroy the relationship but fuck me, it’s a bizarre time to be in a relatively new one.
  12. Watching Fulham, and their desire to actually improve the club with a manager who tries to play positive football, it’s probably best for everyone that our husk of a sporting institution go down instead
  13. Funny how so few managers walk away when they realise the gig is up these days. The likes of Villas-Boas aside, anyway. Almost like this merry-go-round of “ex-pros” are just as big mercenaries as some players.
  14. All the options on the bench and it’s Joelinton who comes on first
  15. Would honestly rather watch a live stream of MF inspecting his hairy ringpiece than this shit
  16. Had to laugh at all of his fellow pundits running into the comments to tell him he looked sharp as a date. Either there’s a running joke that I (and he) don’t get or they’re a collectively embarrassing bunch
  17. Some people just get through life without any real repercussions for their actions and then people pretend that condemning them when they’re in the ground counts as any sort of real punishment. “Ooh, his legacy is tarnished” he’ll not give two hot gay fucks, he’s brown bread
  18. Bet that took a battering after a few drinks in the pre-lockdown party days. “Would anyone like to hear Clocks by Coldplay?”
  19. The new one from The Notwist is good if you want to feel vaguely nostalgic for mid-2000s indietronica. Some genuinely good arrangements around that kind of male indie voice that was everywhere 15 years ago
  20. PRS. FFS, more like. You’ll be playing pentatonic solos in a pub blues band and talking about “proper music” once lockdown is done
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