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  1. Edwards is now outdoing himself in different topics.
  2. and I am adding: Congratulations Howay!
  3. Did Brucey question the Knight Ryders craddledentials?
  4. I wonder what Edwards has been up to tonight. It must have been his day off...
  5. There are still about ten minutes left to create a shot on goal.
  6. Joe Linton to win the game.
  7. It’s only a question of time when we get our undeserved equaliser. That’s how these games normally end.
  8. Team talk at half time must have been really inspiring...
  9. Hendrick got totally confused and did hoof the ball forwards accidentally.
  10. It would have a unnecessary loss of possession if it had been at the other half of the pitch nevermind close to your own box.
  11. Schär luck to get the free kick tbh
  12. Brucey will still punish him for it.
  13. I claim the goal to be illegal. The leftist Latino immigrant who is responsible shouldn’t play there anyway.
  14. Tbf he is entitled to stick with the team considering the results. Apart from Hayden there isn’t a player on the bench who can complain about not starting. There is certainly some decent quality in the team that would allow us to play more positive football like we did in the first game of the season. But I guess we will stick to bruceyball ...
  15. Would have been very surprising if he had changed the team. It would be nice if he changed the setup though. Play ATM on the wing and put Miggy in the middle.
  16. I guess it’s down to tradition. It’s never been a major concern with the electirate college not having to be formed ahead of December. It’s only a concern because of the hyperbole that is nowadays involved. You have party politics that are getting extremely partisan, votes are quite narrow, a precedent who is not presidential and stirring covfefe plus an intensive media coverage that is exploiting all of it.
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