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  1. It is about military and oversea votes. There were about 5203 military ones in Georgia in 2016. Considering those “losers and suckers” tend to favour Trump, it will need a rather healthy lead for Biden to claim Georgia.
  2. I think a lot of it will depend on what is coming out after leaving office, how lawsuits are developing and how his deranged mental health is developing and how he can recite person, woman, man, camera, tv.
  3. Even the NYP is defecting him...
  4. He’s oranged and will hopefully have to look for a different banana republic. I guess he will be off to the Copacabana soon grabbing some pussies there.
  5. Welcome to the planet of apes, because those are the ones who have taken over mankind.
  6. I did enjoy the win though.
  7. It’s a family problem.
  8. His effort was totally shit tbh.
  9. The first half was pretty dull apart from those two chances with the one ATM should have put away. Second half was only a little better because of the penalty Gomes gave away to prevent the game ending goalless. But there was still little incentive to actually take part in a football match.
  10. Fucking hell. The only thing more worrying than the ramblings of this narcissistic idiot is that there still might be enough people making him precedent again.
  11. It does cost 50 quid to start one though.
  12. Good result. I struggle to see how it can be described as a decent performance as it was still pretty grim to watch but it was still a fair result. It does prove how just a couple of players can totally change the style and quality of a team. You leave out James and Richarlison and Everton are as mediocre as most teams in the PL. It does also show that we actually do have enough players in the team who could play a much more creative and attacking style. Having Almiron in it does totally change the style. The pace of him and ASM could really make is a pleasant watch if used correctly
  13. He is there trying to be funny and to take tge piss out of Caulkin.
  14. Nearly everything creative does involve Almiron.
  15. I’d like something that would keep me entertained for 45 minutes tbh. A search for the term “Pickford” does unfortunately only take a few seconds though. There is hardly anyone mentioning Pickford as well... I’d suggest you have a go and show me all those people rating Pickford.
  16. Ah sorry, so it was the makem media but not you who thought Henderson to look decent, too. I’d still like to see where people on here needed to be informed by you about Pickford’s ability. The Fish doesn’t count btw because he is a parody of himself.
  17. What a well executed free kick.
  18. Sure Donald snr, just have to repeat this, some day someone will believe your narrative.,, meanwhile
  19. Nothing about Pickford?
  20. Without Cambridge Analytica he isn’t that good at manipulating stats...
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