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  1. Priti Patel won’t ever set her foot into Downing Street No Diego again.
  2. No wonder the whole thing about taking over football clubs has been a farce, those responsible so far didn’t have enough Microsoft skills. Legal knowledge is still not necessary. Also, wages of 45 K? Who do they think will apply for the job? Let’s get relegated to get the takeover done.
  3. I remember watching this on TV as a kid when he was warming up when Naples played Stuttgart in the UEFA cup. We all tried to copy it in training for ages.
  4. You should be fine then. Otherwise you can buy yourself a German shepherd to quality.
  5. There is some deep schadenfreude amongst a lot of British expats I know who live hear (they have all opted for German citizenship).
  6. Fair play to them. They played Rüdiger to make it 10 against 10.
  7. It is British and not developed by some Turkish immigrants in the EU. Priti Patel likes it.
  8. Bruce will moan about those misses ignoring the fact that Chelsea missed even more. Game should have finished 2-6 at best.
  9. They play Rüdiger, that’s all you have to know about what they think about our attacking threat.
  10. I have actually absolutely no bloody clue when it comes to this regarding british competition law. I don’t know what Patterson is doung for his living but Stein has probably been involved in quite a few legal cases with his businesses. The QC they do have on their side doesn’t look like a British Lionel Hutz either. At least they seem to be confident of having a case.
  11. I only had a look at Stein’s profile and he actually does seem to be a rather competent business man. We’ll see how far those two can push the league.
  12. Might be scare tactics. Anyway, the Big Six League will delay the whole process and do everything they can to block the takeover anyway. It’s a meh from me as well.
  13. Rather Gute Nacht. I watched Bake off instead of the second half.
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