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  1. Hope he takes care of his eyesight until then to see it.
  2. It does mean that only 8 out of 100 dissidents getting treated with the vaccine died during a randomised trial, while those who got the novichok placebo were killed more effectively.
  3. He was just tucking his shirt. Kazakhstan has got a great landscape though.
  4. Do we have any player offering the same as Almiron? I am not against punishing players for obvious mistakes. But with Almiron it’s that I don’t think that the team can do without him. It is not about the player but how he is used. You might not agree with it but Almiron was the player who was able to make the difference between negativity and a positive style of play under Rafa.
  5. He was easily our best player when we played Everton.But as soon as he made the mistake against Southampton it was clear he would be made a scapegoat. I actually was about to post during the first half about expecting him to be taken off. I was pleasantly surprised that he stayed on the pitch but I do still expect to see him being sacrificed while the likes of Hendrix Shelvey et are exempt from criticism.
  6. I can only hear the looney tunes reading this humbug.
  7. Yes. BioNTech sold 30m shots to the UK in July to be delivered in 2020 or 21 depending on approval. They want to produce 100m shots until the end if this year and 1.3bn next year.
  8. Priti Patel will probably refuse the vaccine.
  9. Donald Trump must be seething.
  10. BioNTech have been quite optimistic about the development and therefore did already start to produce larger amounts. They have just been waiting on the final data from studies to apply for approval in the US. There is already a rolling review in process for a quick approval in Europe.
  11. It got developed by BioNTech who work on flu vaccines. It will be produced in the town where I was born, as the region is locally known as hessian siberia it is probably no problem to store it there.
  12. I will miss Conway’s trolling.
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