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  1. Everything after the first sentence is utterly depressing ;-) I agree, our squad is garbage. You will agree that WATFORD are on another level to us. All of these things are completely and utterly depressing.
  2. Never an upturn to downturn ;-) Rode our luck in a few games and that just isn't presenting itself again. The game today shows the gulf in class between a side like Watford and Newcastle and it's utterly depressing!
  3. If there are decent odds on Khan it's worth a punt. He's got a glass jaw and cant brawl but as has been said above, he's boxing to his abilities now. Both the Algeiri and the one before that (!) he won good UD's which is his game. Alvarez is a beast but a bit one dimensional, fancy an upset!
  4. Tattoos are for mugs. What if haircuts were permanent? How many of us thought "curtains" were cool in the nineties? Similar to email addresses from when you were 12. The amount of times people in their mid / late 20's have to give out their msn id from when they were 12, e.g mentalsteve_2k1@.... ! Maturity is a wonderful thing, thankfully emails are easily changed for a slight inconvenience and we can cut our hair. Tattoos a different story!
  5. Aye, think it takes some pretty major boozing before hand though. Was she a big drinker, no idea but had the impression she wasn't in the Amy Winehouse league. Just what I heard but will find out soon anyway!
  6. Alcohol withdrawal, someone said earlier... Didn't think she was a boozer.
  7. You can only try your best! Understand where you're coming from. It could work and follow your logic (apart from the 10 players part ; ) ) it's just one of those formations that has previously fell flat on it's face. The late great SBR even tried it a couple of times... There is little in the way of constructive criticism in this topic anyway, including me, I think we know we have to do something significantly different but fuck knows what. Kidnap pards before half time and let Collo do the team talk... Regarding sitting back, like we seemed to do against Villa ... we just can't d
  8. It started off on a bad suggesting 3 at the back... Then of course the 10 players thing... I suppose it could work! Please do remember, we have tried this before. We have tried this on a few occassions. It has been debated and suggested on MANY occasions and it NEVER works. I know it may sound ridiculous to completely dismiss a formation based on historical trends, but in our case I would say it's a good shout. No point messing around with funny formations especially with a fresh squad (and ony 10 players). : )
  9. If anyone's interested, step into my time machine to November 2002... http://web.archive.org/web/20031109083838/http://toontastic.linuxdriven.net/viewforum.php?f=1&sid=61aba7c8266b90cfa2f41195618323c0 I can clearly remember Blackadder's nonsensical "Shearer out" thread like it were yesteday. Need to fill my brain with more important data : ))
  10. THe linuxdriven board is only recent news. Some of us on there posted on the nufc.co.uk boards before that. The linuxdriven board was advertised for a shortwhile on .com - which put the userbase through the roof. The banner was taken down a little while later as Niall / Biffa were receiving compaints and messages about the contents of "Their" forum. Most of the users that posted on the .co.uk boards and migrated to linuxdriven died out sometime while linuxdriven was still going I think, or changed persona. I remember a thread on there discussing the implications of the millenium bug... jes
  11. Don't get me wrong, I love it as much as anyone when he's on fire, but he only plays "when he wants to" so to speak, and this season he's not been great. I think we loved him the championship season when he was showing forwards up left right and centre, and that image has stuck. He will be a huge loss now but I suppose my point is, if the new French influx, plus Taylor, can be a solid outfit, perhaps he won'tbe such a loss anyway. In addition, we know he wants to fuck off and probably only putting 50% in anyway - effort wise that is.
  12. Myh edit involved zero effort David! Basically wrote the same sentence about him being an argiue cunt twice, that's passion for you. Dear oh dear, it still says the same thing twice. Ah fuck it !
  13. Despite Collo's improved performances over recent seasons, this latest debacle is quickly deminishing my opinion of the argie cunt. He was a joke, complete laughing stock in his first season for us. No effort or sign of a 10million payer. I always remember the pictures of him, laughing and generally dicking around on the team bus after the relegation defeat to Villa. We had a squad full of disappointment but him twatting about with big smirks on his face said it all, couldn't give a fuck about NUFC. He stuck with us for the Championship season and was a class CHAMPIONSHIP act - really though,
  14. The world's 20th highest earning football club - Fuck yeah! My life is complete.
  15. Brian, don't doubt your story, but love the image you give in the "me / Ranger" discussion. You gave him both barrells, well done lad. Are you REALLY sure it happened like that though word for word lol? Anyway, I do like the picture you painted anyway and do hope it is true. I know of someone who has actually been in an altercation with Nile and his comrades (different locatiON), I am surprised he was so passive. I do not have experience first hand but this is in stark contrast to what I have heard!
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