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  1. I think it's still too early to judge, but he does show his quality, I have hope for him, let's see how he plays against Fenerbahce.
  2. Razorlight - Golden Touch A favourite of mine
  3. We could leave a couple under the wipers of a couple, then they will claim that we are trying to vandalise their cars, good idea mate.
  4. 5.5m loss! fucks sake man, i'd rather just let him prove himself in the games he may be involved with next year.
  5. Very good luck tonight Al, thanks for the great service in the past years, enjoy your retirement.
  6. My Brother is based in Basra, fuck.....
  7. where about's like, where did u hear about it mate
  8. Nope, it's nothing to do with member numbers. Probably caused by another site on the server going down again. 105938[/snapback] Get a new server then. 105952[/snapback] That's what they are trying to do i think. They want their own dedicated server, so they say.
  9. He is also very skillful!
  10. Given 6 - Some good saves to keep the score down Ramage 3 - Shocking performance, needs to bounce back against Liverpool. Babayaro 4 - Couple of touches? Who was our left back? Zoggy? Boumsong 5 - messy yet again. Elliott 5 - we missed Bramble and thats saying something. Solano 5 - Looked fucked, poor performance overall. (Dyer 5 - PACEY! Should have started, and came off in the latters.) N'Zogbia 6 - One or two good decent touched and passes, nout classy. (Luque 3 - did he touch the ball?) Parker 4 - Poorest game for Newcastle. yet, gotta do better Emre 5 - Sharp, nout amazing Ameo
  11. I could only go on a SMB forum to grief them like, i couldn't agree with them that they are still in with a chance to get to 19th in the table.
  12. Could possibly stink of a fat farting, while eating his re-heated half done-in curry. He would also have death breath off all the fags and pork scratchings.
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