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  1. As a neutral who watched that game, I'd say both had some responsibility (If Krul wanted it he should have been very bloody loud about it being his) but I'd say it's mostly Williamson's mistake from what I remember. They should never have been in that situation, Williamson had no idea where his keeper was, should have row Z'ed it and never gone to head it.
  2. I don't think they'd be stupid enough to attempt a minute's silence over at Anfield. There's a street carnival on standby for the day that old witch pops her clogs. A distressing thing is knowing a couple of young people who were actually stupid enough to belive their campaign promises, vote tory and then were actually shocked when the "coalition" started once again systematically dismantling the country. Of course what these people know of previous tory governments is probably sitting through an episode of the Boys from the Black Stuff or Au Wiedersein Pet.
  3. I said I felt "less than welcome" when I joined initially, which was because I quite like Newcastle as a club. I don't know how to view that far back on my posts on here, but I remember I got a welcome that involved Danny B and Stevie (which I'm guessing from the familiar writing style is you) trying to "educate" me about the wrongs of scousers and Heysel. I distinctly remember someone making wall-pushing gags too. I think you can see why I felt that. Anyway, you asked, it's water under the bridge and not what this thread is about. As I was saying, good luck on Sunday. I realistical
  4. Filling out Fish's questionnaire reminded me I still have an account here! Sadly I'm not coming up on Sunday, saving up so gonna be a cheap armchair fan. All the best though lads.
  5. It's weird, I checked that it wasn't April 1st when I first saw this story. Pennant, Lennon, Diarra, Zokora, Ashley Young You'd think Ramos was trying to turn Real Madrid into a mid table premier league side.
  6. Ha, thought the same as soon as I saw his name. "This player has the potential to be almost as good as Jamie Carragher" - FM's opinion on him. I await the half a dozen jokes about how he must be really crap then
  7. I'm not sure the point of mentioning free/loan players like Degen and Ignacio Gonzalez. Paid nothing, so not exactly a disastrous transfer. Dossena was admittedly a bad signing, it's rumoured we bought him off Capello's recommendation. He's apparently got a great reputation in Serie A still, so perhaps we'll probably move him on at a loss. We're just very fortunate that Insua came into form. If Robbie Keane (5 league goals for £20 million) is a flop then Berbatov (2 league goals for £30.75 million) should be considered a flop. Agree though, Jo should definately be heading that lis
  8. Just saw your thread on RAWK and decided to come back across. Great gesture, Bobby Robson is a legend and the game could do with more men like him. Best Wishes
  9. Thought you might want to know a nice stat about one of your players. Player Club Shots Goals to shots ratio Michael Owen Newcastle United 15 40% Gabriel Agbonlahor Aston Villa 19 36.84% Samir Nasri Arsenal 12 33.33% Mido Middlesborough 13 30.77% Nicolas Anelka Chelsea 47 27.66% You've got the striker with the highest goals/shots percentage in the premier league. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11662_4619769,00.html
  10. I wonder how much they're paying, when they could just pop to the shops and buy a copy...
  11. Liverpool nearly signed an 18 year old Christiano Ronaldo for £4 million, but couldn't come to terms with a contract/signing on fee. We didn't think he was developed enough to be worth it, United swooped in with 3 times that amount and gazumped us. Houllier decided a certain Sinama Pongolle had more potential. Vidic was also coming to Liverpool at one stage, but...we all know what happened there. A certain young Essien was Liverpool's for £2 million, but it was right at the end of Houllier's reign (after he'd signed the wonderful Cheyrou, Diao, Diouf etc) and the board refused to sanct
  12. 2-0, congrats guys watching it and rooting for you. You're gonna hammer them, I'm guessing you'll finish this with 3 or 4 at least.
  13. Someone got injured. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7691447.stm Yes, I did a double take when I saw that headline at first. And I did wonder, I heard a lot more about the linesman getting hit by a coin at Aston Villa than anything at the Stadium of Light.
  14. Havent you got a kid to mug for a match ticket for tomorrow? Haven't you got a Spurs forum to be posting on? Nice comeback, I'm gutted. I was just trying to push down the walls between the two clubs. You're hyper sensitive about hissing and jew baiting etc, but you find that ok? You're just disgusting. Add me to the scouse boycott list. Surely there isnt many left who arent on it. Forgive me if I am tired of the Scouse victim complex. Yes, it's all my fault. Because I don't mind banter, but I should find it funny you bringing up something were p
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