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  1. I think you should give it to me, try something new.
  2. I thought I might as well start this and see what happens. Krul Simmo Colo Willo Santon Tiote Gutierrez Cabaye Ben Arfa Cisse Ba Everton 1 - Newcastle 3
  3. Yeah, however, I would still rather win the Carling Cup and qualify for the Europa League via that than finish 5th. It's a cup! However, if we get Champions League, obviously we would have had the better season.
  4. What's a better season? Liverpool finishing 8th/9th and winning the Carling Cup or us finishing 5th?
  5. Though Champions League now looks beyond our means, fantastic effort from the boys. Given us a great season, we are all proud.
  6. 2011–12 47,805 47,028* 98.3%* 2010–11 47,726[56] 45,880 96.1% 2009–10 47,726[56] 45,512 95.4% 2008–09 47,726[56] 42,900 89.9% 2007–08 47,726[56] 42,126 88.3% 2006–07 47,726[56] 39,997 83.8% 2005–06
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1D3EWzCX48&feature=related - The second guy on this speaks exactly like Pardew.
  8. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/1035475/ronaldinho-included-in-preliminary-olympic-squad?cc=5739
  9. Got tickets to Brazil vs Belarus and New Zealand vs Egypt just now. I am guessing I get to see them continuously, not bad for £20, even if it is in Manchester.
  10. Only ones they have at Wembley are Korea vs Gabon, hardly sides setting the world alight.
  11. Spurs aren't a bigger club than Newcastle United.
  12. Chelsea look like a good shout for top 4. I would fancy ourselves but our last 3 games are arguably the hardest 3 games we could have had in the league at the moment.
  13. Wigan have conceeded 60 goals this season, we can still do this.
  14. Lukaku might go to Werder on loan as part of the Marin deal.
  15. Bale says he will consider leaving Spurs, it's clear they don't have the mentality to get top 4 if players are coming out with this at this stage of the season.
  16. I think the injury to Villa has cost them. They need another striker.
  17. Chelsea are very poor. They certainly aren't a team to fear. Apart from Mata, there isn't a single player in their midfield/strike force that I would have starting for us. I know they are in the Champions League final but they have been distinctively lucky throughout.
  18. Whereas, Bayern do not even need to win to go through. Definitely rather be in Bayern's shoes.
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