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  1. Most likely to walk sheepishly out of a public toilet cubicle.
  2. The whole western media conspiracy is a conspiracy by Russian media is a western media conspiracy tbh.
  3. Just goes to show how stupid the phrase MSM is to lump everything together with that organization. My view is the the phrase MSM has been pushed by the Russian and Chinese media to undermine the broadly free western press as the main threat to their own information war.
  4. We got rid of him, we got relegated and I'm the one who got it wrong? He's a hateful cunt but he was still better than Carver and Mclaren. We are in the championship btw Alex. Am hoping a 4 lol response to this.
  5. Like an episode of Gordon Ramsey's Dubai kitchen nightmares.
  6. My boss loves them, usually necks 3 or 4 at the start of a night out and forces them on us. He is actually Italian so its fair enough.
  7. I thought it was the Jewish Chronicle?
  8. ChezGiven


    Happy birthday you massive bell.
  9. That Craig Murray wanker looking more and more like a right twat.
  10. I've frequented the Morrison's in Blyth a few times, mincing about looking for Chablis and baguettes. Usually get no bother as most people think am foreign or that i own Northumberland or something.
  11. Thought Lost in a Dream was one of the best albums of 2014
  12. My boss is the spit of Trotsky. The similarity starts and ends there like.
  13. But odd for an article to focus on the $1bn of exports from US to China without valuing Chinese exports to US. Looks roughly around $40bn last year, could be more. Maybe that's what Trump is looking at?
  14. The Chinese are the one's with the problem now, the US debt is held by Chinese banks meaning. They can devalue their currency etc but their tools will likely be more political than economic. A timely article from the Guardian on this very topic https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/dec/13/china-state-media-warn-donald-trump-pride-goes-before-a-fall
  15. She fucks young kids whilst smothering ham and pineapple pizza on her tits ffs, she's a monster.
  16. @@Renton @ Rayvin Can we not have the parochial Corbyn / Labour party bickering in this thread instead?
  17. The most interesting thing about Trump is the shift in geo-politics in the middle east, with Russia and ultimately the economic shift towards China. I think the left / right angle will play out on the basis of how successful he is turning round the economy. So far his geo-political pivot has been away from Iran towards moderate gulf states, aligning with Russia on ISIS. However, its the reversing of the Nixon-era position on 'one China' as he beefs up intentions to fight the Chinese change their WTO rules that indicates how he is looking at things. A big issue in US / EU is dumping of
  18. Love the ranting old git, is it a mate of your's P?
  19. Absolutely, all of that is true. That's not the point though, the events around November 21st and onwards are meant to be a CIA plot. The point is that's not true. The US, NATO and the EU all have a strategy that is based on bringing more countries into their fold based on free markets, democracy and prosperity. Ukraine was a target based on their domestic political landscape, the country was willing and politically ready to join the west. The CIA plot was a propaganda tool used but the Russians to justify their illegal annexation of Crimea. As shown earlier, the protests and anger at the Ukra
  20. Thats not the point! FFS
  21. Oh and by the way, here we are: deep in the murky details where the Russian propagandists want you to be so that the cry of 'it's the MSM' or similar can pull us out of the narrative / counter-narrative warren hole and lead us into the brave new post truth world. You're being mugged Parky.
  22. This feels like normal politics to me, didnt hear anything out of the ordinary. I imagine people who dont know how the world works getting a bit fidgety as it sounds like the US it pushing for a political outcomes and has a strategy. Its called the Foreign Office and every country has one doing the same things. What matters is they act within the bounds of the law. Certainly doesnt change anything or prove that ridiculous article you then post that was obvioulsy written back when the line 'fascist led coup' didnt sound so stupid. Thats what you are posting about by the way, not that
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