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  1. The Ark Royal has just been fixed after its last refit last year....it didnt get out of the channel before the engine room caught fire Its in Pompey dockyard at the moment, I'm willing to bet good money it won't make Calais
  2. It's ringing a bell with me from a comedy show with maybe a bishop character having a catchphrase along the lines of "I was taling to a man today" - Kenny Everett? Anyone remember? Sounds a bit like the spoof "pause for thought" Mark and Lard used to do in the mornings. The tories are not only using made up anecdotes to promote the comcept of "broken Britain", the phrase itself is lifted verbatum from a Sun front page headline. The former editor of the notw,Andy Coulson, is now head of communications for the tories. Murdoch has got his own placeman at the heart of the tory machine now, and he wants to destroy the BBC, something Cameron has mildly alluded to recently. The whole thing fuckin stinks. Murdoch is going to have as much access to the PM if Cameron gets in as the union leaders had in the 70s, in and out of no 10 every week. The thought of Murdoch having an even more significant influence on government then he does at the moment makes me feel ill
  3. The 50 grand Lexus was a solitary command vehicle carrying 30 grands worth of surveillance equipment, to be used to tackle serious crime, not to hand out tickets (a tinge of bitterness there?). What type of cars do you think people involved in organised crime drive? Seems like a sensible use of money to me, as a lifelong tory I'd have thought you'd want to have the police equipped with decent equipment so they can do their job? The other stories strongly cast doubt on the veracity of Cameron's personal anecdotes; either that or he has a memory problem. Besides, don't you find these stories just a bit cringeworthy? 'Can't wait til he's pm' - you're the first person I've heard that rates him at all. We're in the biggest recession in living memory and he's really struggling - seriously, casting aside your dislike of Labour, what gives you confidence in his ability to govern? Spot on...and he's had the best education money can buy....seriously if he can't put Brown and Clegg out of their misery next month he should just go back to being the vocalist in Keane,thick posh fucker
  4. Think about MacLaren's last game in charge v Croatia at Wembley.....sure, they've moved on 100% playing wise since that night but the thought struck me during that piss poor performance in the second half that, when the going gets tough, these fuckers really dont know how to "want" it enough because theyve all been corrupted by fuckin money. And I still stand by that. It will be a major surprise to me if they reach the semi finals. Add to that Rio has been injured most of the season, Terry is a shell of the player he was 2 years ago, Gerrard is moving into the same category,Lamps has scored a few goals but is generally a bit meh...Rooney if fit will terrorise every defence he comes across but youve got to get the ball to him and I'm not sure that when you play the better teams in the latter stages England are a. good enough to keep the ball for more than 4 passes or b. have the passion and commitment (and the right refereeing interpretations) to get the ball back off Xavi,Iniesta,Schweinsteiger,Ballack,Cambiasso, and/or the other players of any other fairly useful nation who really know how to play tournament football, because if all the diasappontments in the last 44 years have taught us one thing, its that the England domestic season is probably the worst possible preparation for the World Cup or the Euros regardless of where its being held. I'd love to be proved wrong but I'm not holding my breath...oh and the Euros are usually better to watch anyway. Too many piss poor teams in the World Cup....32 fuckin teams and the jocks still cant qualify
  5. anybody seen "Dave" out and about lately?....he's always banging on about which members of the often inaccurately named "great British public" he's run into: click here to see who Dave's met this week
  6. Isnt that known as a "career oppurtunity" as The Clash may have said?...someone may fill his shoes in the short term? what do you do?...has he not got a blackberry?....seems thats all bosses need nowadays...conference calls etc etc....lots of ways to keep in touch... or has the unthinking so and so got the keys to the canteen?
  7. I've heard it described as such. You keep giving examples of what a thick cunt you are by mis-using the quoting format on here. doubt it... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoclassical_architecture Architecturally it appears to be concrete modernist, like the Gateshead carpark in Get Carter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_architecture
  8. You dont say Sherlock Is that not somewhat ironic coming from a tory? It's pretty much irrelevent who was in power in the 1990s when it comes to the present recession/credit crunch etc....Labour stuck to tory spending plans when they gained power in 1997.And I doubt if any government in the world could've stood up to the banks in any significant way. They are top of the food chain and pretty much untouchable even now. Some have been saved by huge amounts of public money because they became to big to fail but have you asked any of them for a business loan lately?.... The tories would've lead us into this fuckin awful situation in exactly the same way but wouldve done absoloutely nothing to help anyone in the recession, same as in the early 80s and early 90s. It's too early to judge whether Broons policies will be viewed as successful, but he did do something, which for me goes to show he does in some way give a shit, despite all his awful mistakes and shortcomings as a person. I don't know how much the comments of Obama can be taken seriously but he seemed to think that Gordon led the way and showed real leadership in coming up with the "global" policy on recovering from the recession, which all western political leaders led us into, not that you'd hear Cameron admit that. He wants to throw thousands of folk in the public sector on to the dole and increase VAT to 20%. For anyone thinking about voting tory next month, good luck with that
  9. I still do not undrstand this Ameobi thing. The kid has scored some vital goals this season and made some to. He loves NUFC and is a local lad. He does not pick the team the managers do so he must warrant a place. Aye I agree he is not premier league standard but he has done a lot for us. Couldnt agree more, he's the most frustrating fucker we've had in the last 10 years or so but seeing him plod around SJP like some 44 year old pub player then suddenly seeing him produce the bit of skill that led to Routledge's goal at the weekend fills my heart with joy. I can identify with him....huge periods of inactivity and mediocrity then very brief moments of dazzling brilliance
  10. I left Portsmouth Dockyard at 6am this morning, leaving the miserable bully boy supervisor from Gatehead looking forward to his flight home this lunchtime for a long weekend up north....my deep joy at this news is only tempered by the possibility he may, after all, be back on shift tonight, the grumpy fuckin twat
  11. I wonder when we'll next see a jock at a World Cup? They'll have a ref in South Africa this summer The present Scottish manager will be a bit hacked off that he's not in there....he played at least one game I think. We were at Glastonbury a day or two after they got beaten by Costa Rica.....there was a load of scots in the tent next to us and everyone kept on shouting "COSTA RICA.........GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!" at the top of their voices for all 3 nights we were there
  12. You'll need to look at Messi at the end of his career.....if he collects the medals that someone like Zidane did then he'll deserve to be mentioned in the same breath. Talent is one thing, how you use it and how fortunate you are in terms of your team mates (ie how good they are) is another and goes a long way to how the history books perceive you. I didnt think I'd see a better player than Gazza but then I saw Bergkamp and Zidane....Zidane will be remembered as one of the best 10 players ever to put a pair of boots on, but was Bergkamp less talented?....or just a cloggie fancy dan who didnt like flying and who's temamates weren't as collectively good as Thuram,Dessailly and Deschamps?
  13. Can't disagree with much of that, but I was brought up in the village and the girl who rents it out is from there too....it also made a change for a "local" to buy a property in the village rather than the more usual lawyer or accountant from Newcastle or Edinburgh to use as a holiday home. The girl sent her kids to the village school and uses the pub and shops, which is more than your average professional career type person usually does, the villages surrounding Kelso are full of these types and they don't really contribute much to village life
  14. I rent it out as I now live in Poole in Dorset....another great place to live, but I'm doing 12 hour nights in the RN/BAE shipyard in Portsmouth which is a 50 mile drive as theres no fuckin work in Dorset either The shipyard is just like home really...full of exiled jocks and geordies from swan hunters
  15. Couldnt agree more, I went to school in Kelso and it's a stunning area. Most people think Northumberland and The Borders are just places you travel through to get to the Highlands and Edinburgh but for me they are the best areas in Britain to live. Pity theres no decent work like but there you go Alnwick was named as the best place in England to live a few years back by Country Life magazine and they described the area between Newcastle and Edinburgh as the last unspoilt area in the UK outside of the Highlands. Property prices subsequently went therough the roof, but not before I bought a bungalow in the village where I was brought up which has trebled in price. This is the view from the bedroom window in the house where I was brought up.... my old man's beehives, high up in the Cheviots...he makes his own honey
  16. I still think his injury was a huge factor in not winning the league - more so thtn others commonly trotted out. Aye, and losing Derek Fazackerly to Blackburn at xmas isnt mentioned too often either, but for me we were never the same after he left. Routledge needs to have space created for him to work in as he seems to be unable to either beat a man when being closely marked or is too small to out muscle opponents. Gaps appear in this league where they won't next season. I think the premier league clubs he's been at know this and have passed on him because of it. Shame, becuase he's got ability. Hopefully he'll prove me completely wrong next season.
  17. http://timesonline.typepad.com/election10/...keep-guide.html
  18. Seeing as we're being encouraged to start new threads and in spite of what appears to be genreral apathy and disinterst not only on here but in the country as a whole, the first "big talking point" of the campaign is really fuckin pissing me off. This increased N.I. contributions thing that theres a lot of of bollocks being talked about.......all these chairman going on about it being a "tax on jobs" Surely, if a company sees an oppurtunity to advance,expand and develop or gets a huge new order in, the last thing the Chairman says "oh but all the new staff will required will mean increased N.I. contributions on our part, so lets just stay as we are, all that increased profit and turnover just really isnt worth it" This is the business leaders making Cameron their bitch should he become PM. Its all frankly utter bollocks as far as I can see. But am perfectly willing to be proved wrong
  19. My mate is in charge of collecting council tax and business tates for a large town in the south of England. In 89/90 he was the office junior in the same department and he says the thing that killed the poll tax was the amount of non payers clogging up the court system and making the day to day running of the Magistrates Court system in this country virtually impossible. It was basically making other cases in front of the court near on impossible to be heard. Thats what killed the Poll Tax, not so much a big riot in London where a load of gribblies hurled scaffold poles through the windows of police vans. It was a huge nail in Thatcher's political coffin...she was gone by November 1990. Stabbed in the back by her cabinet, Which is what Browns collegues would like to do, but frankly haven't had the collective balls to do so. What a bunch of lilly livered twats. And I didn't pay either... the pol tax meant The Duke of Northumberland payed the same as his gardner..And don't think, just before an election in 2010, that the tories have change that much
  20. I'm in....moving from the Leazes Corner to the South East Corner block C....which is basically part of the East Stand, but 100 quid cheaper
  21. http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Aston...icle373925.html
  22. Xisco? Unless you've been with the player yourself or seen him in a known gay haunt snogging another obviously gay individual is it fair to say a "bloke down the pub" told you about this player? We'd crucify any journo for writing unfounded speculation and rumour so why do you think its ok to put it on here?...or do you spend a lot of your free time hanging around the Life centre?
  23. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/ma...st-championship
  24. So have I...and for me thats the best we've played all season. And we all slate fuck out of Shola when he's shit so tonight when he's scored one (belter) and set another one up with a cute backheel its only right he should be singled out for praise....well done old son...with us in bad times and good
  25. Never had an ounce of bother with it in my car tbh. Really?...what do you use in your car or was it built in?
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