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  1. On April 6, 2009 it was confirmed that Luuk de Jong signed a contract for 3 years with an option for another year with FC Twente. His contract would start on the first of July 2009. He played his first minutes for FC Twente in the cup match against SC Joure, he came on as a second half substitute replacing Dario Vujičević. He provided 2 assists in the 8–0 victory over sc Joure. He scored his first two goals for FC Twente in the cup match against Capelle. 8 mill for a player with no more than a year on left on his contract?....I smell shite if thats the case, but it is wiki and theres nothing to say he hasnt signed a new contract with Twente since 2009. So fuck knows.Linked with Spurs and Benfica this month too. Is he any good?.... 52 goals in the last 2 seasons says yes, Kezman and that fuckin shitehouse Boro signed from Herenveen a few years back says be careful with strikers from the Dutch league.
  2. So say England and France both win tomorrow night....head to head is the same, does it then go to goal difference?....
  3. Using Barney's thinking, could Sturridge mince around the pitch wearing a "GA" bib like the goal-attack girl in a netball team?....
  4. Aye, thats what they say about the rugger buggerers.... Never heard anyone describe a posistion on a football field as " wing forward". Its a posistion from rugby union....is Sturridge a winger or a forward?...
  5. He's reported the Argie to the police now http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/tennis/18479244 ps.....do you have first hand evidence of SB being, as you say, the "QoS bike"
  6. Glad you think the 3 of them will still be here...I like an optimist
  7. Man U away boxing day,then Arsenal away on the 29th...as usual, merry fuckin christmas, Everton at home New Years Day.
  8. They'll move on from this and continue their tour...doesnt matter if they don't either way though, anyone can play guitar...
  9. Blair used knighting old footballers to make himself appear more down to earth and in touch with the nation, the cynical bastard. Sir Bob won no league titles as a manager, Bob Paisely won 5 and 2 European cups but died an ordinary man from the coal fields of County Durham, which is all Bobby Robson was as well when it comes down to it.
  10. "group of death" tonight....the cloggies have no points but can still qualify...dont ask me how, but some geezer in a dress has just explained it all on the BBC news channel....the BBC admirably encouraging diversity there but "she" could've had a shave before she went into make-up this morning...
  11. If it makes any difference to the debate I'll say the entire honours system is bent,ill suited to modern life (Order of the British EMPIRE!....fuckin Empire in 2012..wtf are these fuckers on?!) and apparently for people of dubious ability and character to remind the rest of us mere mortals, against all the conflicting evidence, how fuckin great they are. L.S. Lowrie was not only one of our greatest ever artists he also turned down some form of award that he'd been reommended for by more than one PM (that's another thing....its the PM who dishes them out, so good luck with any credibility if you've accepted one from the likes of Blair or Cameron) at least 4 times. He didn't see himself as any better or any worse than anyone else, just a bloke from a terraced house in Salford. He thought the whole thing was ridiculous and he was right iyam.
  12. It was doing the rounds at the end if the season so its pre "if one of the big boys comes in for me am off".....
  13. Its called "the internet".... http://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Sport/Football/Premier+League/Newcastle+United
  14. Boswinga let got by Chelsea, Fabio and his brother Grooverider not cutting the mustard at manu....top teams looking for top full backs... agree its unlikely we'll get this lad...maybe they'll get this Clyne lad from Palace...is he any good?..
  15. Cant say Id be overjoyed even on a non football evening but there you go...women think those they find physically attractive are fuckin hilarious by default...John Richardson was her last choice, go figure
  16. Thats what Shpeherd did with SBR...told the world he was in his last season at NUFC and suddenly Dyer was trying to tell Bobby where he should be playing, the odious little cunt.
  17. I take it all the admins who were fucking about on nutz constitute the majority of the characters whove joined in the last day or so?....
  18. Is there any actual proof for that?....its what the media party line is but that automatically makes me think its largely bollocks. Am sure its part of the reason, but just because its the consensus doesn't make it automatically the case. What did he start doing wrong comapred to the previous 2-3 years? team talks brief and uninspiring? training consisting of a game of shove ha'penny in the pub round the corner? If you say that the players reacted to the uncertainty surrounding his future then thats down to the fickle bunch twats themselves (and no doubt their agents) but did they visibly "down tools" on the pitch?...Spurs form hit the buffers because thats what happens to some teams every season. Why did we blow a 12 point lead in 96?...why did manu blow a 13 point lead the following season?....I don't think theres any rhyme or reason to it. I actually think he FA were scared off from approaching Redknapp when Levy said it would cost them a fortune in compo and thats when the big fall out with Redknapp occured. Finishing 4th after looking set for 3rd minimum and being unlucky with Chelsea etc isnt grounds for sacking, thinking the chairman is a cunt for denying you the chance to manage your country and more than likely telling him so in the middle of contract negtiations probably is. And iyam we haven't seen the last of him in a court room, perhaps Levy knows the score on that.
  19. Can't deny it, she's done me up like a fuckin kipper......she does take regular punishment for it though
  20. 4 and a half hours now the A1 south of Catterick is sorted
  21. Mrs PL booked up to see Chris Addison months ago, I'd forgotten all about it....untill last week when she mentioned its tonight at 8pm.......so, she has managed,in the last few months, to book off and thus render useless for viewing football of any kind the last week of last season, the first two weeks of next season and now this. For someone who doesn't like football she seems to know a hell of a lot about fuckin fixture lists....evil genius tbh
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    Is that you Parky?
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