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  1. Got to say that didnt appear to be the case yesterday when I spent £41 watching an undermotivated (just what did Pardew say to them at half time? they came out like a bunch of fuckin zombies) side with a near league one strike force labour against a team we shouldve been capable of beating. It struck me yesterday that with the addition of Nolan and Ben Arfa and the frees,has beens and never weres that will roll up this summer that struggling to beat a bog standard Villa is the shape of things to come and can be in no way,shape or form be decribed as "moving forward". Selling Carroll (and likley Enrique) is a green light to every player's agent to start whispering bullshit into the ears of easily manipulated players, in the full knowlegde that Ashley doesnt give a flying fuck about the squad we may be left with.
  2. I know what your saying pud and its fair enough he's had far too many chances and fucked most of them up but this time we've seen our best player sold for a huge amount of money. Looks likely another one of our players is leaving for a decent figure....this time he has NO excuse if he doesnt reinvest with quality. This really is last chance saloon. Do what if he doesnt stump up for a few proven players this summer? What can we do about it if its loans, frees and cheapo has beens which are likely to see us flirting with relegation at best? The last 3 years have proven we're utterly powerless, anything tried is either an angry, well intentioned yet directionless protest or a clique-y, ego driven, village hall comittee bullshit fest.Thats not a dig at the folk on here who have been involved in NUSC/T, who come over as eminently sensible and I'm sure there are many more out there of the same nature, but it strikes me as its the egotists and operators who get to the posistions of power, and then can't do the sort of small time "democracy" thats needed for the role. If I've read the NUST thread wrong then apologies to those concerned, but its a huge wasted oppotunity. We're stuck with the fucker, just as he's largely stuck with us as I personally suspect he overpaid initially for us and now after all his "investment" we're hugely overpriced. So we're all fucked really
  3. because you dont actually despise them, you're a fan of good football and you're hoping to see a half decent game on a Monday night?.. 1 nowt, Carroll's finally done it and Tevez has just done his hamstring by the sounds of it
  4. Stuart Attwell yesterday......2nd time he's been shocking for us this season, first at Molineaux in September and now yesterday.Nowt new in having a shite ref, and having seen the highlights earlier this morning it could well be said he was shite for both sides, but he's from Rugby, Warwickshire....the same county in old money as Birmingham and he'd be almost able to piss into Wolverhampton from his back garden as well.What are the rules about "local" refs taking charge of matches?. We'll never get Clattenburg as he's a known Newcastle fan, but older posters will remember George Courtney from the 80's who was from Stanley or Crook or somewhere like that and he wasn't allowed to ref us in case of accusations of local bias.Maybe theres not a lot in it but he was blatantly dieing to book Barton and seized his chance in injury time, and didn't properly protect the same player at Molineaux either. Mavbe he's just a jumped up fuckwit with a point to prove to too many people and organistions, but having the same local ref for away games never used to happen and I'm wondering why and how the FA could have changed or relaxed the rules sufficiently to allow them to appoint Attwell's to our away games in the Midlands this season.
  5. Alan Bennet David Bowie Humphrey Littleton L S Lowry turned down loads iirc good lads, who would want something picked by a fuckin politican?
  6. Grand national day today....anyone remember sometime in the late 80s the old Gallowgate scoreboard displayed the winner of the race as "Liverpool Bear"?....which was fairly phoenetically accurate, but the actual winner was "Little Polveir", which flashed up a few minutes later
  7. Did Curt sleep on your couch?....they stayed with fans on their early tours across here apparently, a lad I know who was on the comittee at Portsmouth uni students union back then had them round his for the night. Said they were like quireboys, washed up and cleaned his mingin student flat in the morning
  8. seriously. one ok debut album. shit sophomore. and the whole of the UK press jizzes when a rumour surfaces they're going to return. shows how content this country is mediocrity. Fools Gold was the Psycho Killer of the 90s. That one ok album was an original indie / dance crossover that turned Nirvana fans into ravers. Holds great cultural significance in this country, ask anyone my age I agree about the point about mediocrity as that's all you could expect from them today if they did reform. The Stone Roses was released about 3 years before Nevermind....it was more like turning Dinosaur Jr fans into ravers I saw them play their last ever gig with the "classic" line up in a big top on Glasgow Green and Brown's vocals were shocking...went to see his "greatest hits" solo tour a few years back and nowt had changed....doesn't matter, the eponomous album is still the best thing I've ever heard, 22 years after it was released. Doubt if the four of them will tour, Reni almost certainly won't and anyone else will make it a bit like the Reading festival fuckin pantomine in the mid 90s.
  9. Wasnt it Gordon Browns decision not to go into the euro though?...not that the tories would have, but they can't claim credit for it Labour had plans for the debt,and did indeed in a lot of ways royally fuck things up, but the British electorate are into punishing politiicans at the behest of certain sections of the media, whether its a good idea to get rid of the incumbent or not, as Dave and Gideon will find out when theyve cut everything to fuckin ribbons and people turn against them too.....mind, Ed Milliband=Ian Duncan Smith so that might save them
  10. I've got to go to Lee's Korean Grill take away today to fix a fault on the electric meter......my notes say the meter is easily accesible, past the kennels on the left!
  11. You in the services or grafting out there mate?
  12. If the ref had heard it and applied the letter of the law (big if like) then it's a straight red for insulting and abusive language which is two game ban. If it's reveiwed rettrospectively like some bad challenges are then he's likely to be in trouble. Don't know if the FA are growing any balls and want to in some way pull manu into line or not. A touchline ban for Fergie is neither here nor there really, but Rooney missing two league games in April with him seemingly coming back into form may well hurt the challenge for the treble.
  13. I was there a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't that good, and they were awful home and away before xmas....apart from when they twatted us obviously TN wasnt at the game on Saturday, he was on here telling everyone how being positive on the end of a broadband connection will transmit good vibes to the team.....man
  14. I asked you yesterday how a more positive attitude helped Shola to his best 45mins for 6 months and you studiously ignored the question...but now I see how it works with yor good self....something about as scientific as the signs of the zodiac..but of it works for you fair play
  15. Yeah but the ref let the player stay on the pitch! One of the best (and worst...who says Italy is the home of the art of defending after that?!) halves of football I've seen in ages, great stuff. That Cavani scored a hatrick, 30 goals this sseason, how much is he worth?..will Ashley be sending Graham Carr on a weekend break to Naples any time soon?
  16. Shola's goal was pushed in by Hennesy http://www.101greatgoals.com/videodisplay/...t-half-8937026/ 4-1 Jonas
  17. Jesus, you're such a dick. Where did i say we'd lose today? Never said you did...just highlighting being positive is good. So you being in prozac has made Shola score one and make another then? And you can only appeal a red I think, so Nolan's screwed
  18. Went to a creamtion in January for an old mate I played football with who was only 38 when he shuffled off. Mind, he was doing 2 bottles of vodka a day at the end and had multi organ failure They're a fact of life, but never easy. They do quite often lead to spectacular piss ups though
  19. I'm trying to send an email with an ms office spreadsheet attachment.... .it looks like something is removing the attachment after I press send because if I look at the sent messages the attacment is nowhere to be seen on the sent email...anyone got any idea what could be doing it? I tried to send the actual spreadsheet document via outlook too and it didnt go either
  20. My old man wants "HE SUFFERED FOOLS BADLY" on his and if the old dear goes first it shall be done mines would be another Spike-ism: "UNDER THIS SOD LIES ANOTHER ONE"
  21. Aye, I said "welsh", but the proper term is "Brythonic" as am sure you're aware. And Oppenheimer is a good read, but as with anything else in this filed just well researched opinion. Brian Syke's "Blood of the Isles" is a similar study but reaches slightly different conclusions. I disagree it's well research opinion. The methods are pure and the conclusions robust. That does not make them true but calling it opinion undermines the rigorous scientific method. I've not read Sykes but I just looked at the wiki and it's pretty much exactly what Oppenheimer says, there may be some differences but the main thrust is a rejection of received wisdom on Anglo-Saxon / Norman influences. Thanks for the Sykes reference though, am going to get that and read it. Yeah am not an academic in any way so am sure you're right about the methods of research. Most histories of these islands start around AD43 with the Roman conquest and go from there but as you say, a lot important things which happened genetically were a long time before that.
  22. Aye, I said "welsh", but the proper term is "Brythonic" as am sure you're aware. And Oppenheimer is a good read, but as with anything else in this filed just well researched opinion. Brian Syke's "Blood of the Isles" is a similar study but reaches slightly different conclusions.
  23. Apart from Portsmouth who are just generic southern charva's, Southampton across to Bournemouth, Weymouth and Bognor Regis are all just farmer types by the coast. I mean look at the state of Mick Channon's accent. However, I've never lived there, so my grouping isn't set in stone, largely speaking I think I'm right about the rest though. Well if you're goingnto get down to it, there are subtle differences anywhere. Got a few mates from Portsmouth and lived with a lad from university from Southampton. Nowt to differentiate themselves from the restof the south. There's fucking millions of charvas in Kent for example. Bristol and south west are different people though, genetically and culturally. I base the genetic differentiation on that Oppenheimer book I must have mentioned on here about 10 times now. You should have a read of it. Google his name plus origin of the British. We're originally all "Welsh" and genetically mostly still are. They found a skeleton in a cave in Cheddar in the early 1900s and few years back analysed dna from it and compared it to samples from various locals...the closest match was almost identicle and belonged to a history teacher at the local high school. Similar studies in Shetland have shown the native "Pictish" gene is stronger than the "Norse" gene that the Vikings brought in. Very Generally, we are who we were at the end of the last ice age, despite celts, romans,saxons,vikings,normans et al The old border between Hampshire and Dorset is about a mile from where I live, at County Gates in Westbourne, and I can confim that they're all cunts on both sides of it Bournemouth used to be in Hampshire, but it changed in the 70s which made the locals very upset to be included in the "west country" i.e. joined to the Borough of Poole, snobby fuckers Hampshire played cricket in Bournemouth right up till the 90s, bit like Yorkshire playing at Middlesbrough now and then.
  24. Well that happened to me 30 years ago when we moved north of the border so its not a new thing tbh. Thing is, most people who live outside of England but in the UK are pretty indifferent to the English but they know things like booing the national anthem (again, something that goes back decades in football) drives English folk to distraction, so they do it all the more. A lot of it is a wind up, but there are exceptions where idiots hate people theyve never met and know little of, but they're everywhere, in England too... We're powerless to stop people wanting to harm us with terrorism if you ask me. We can't change our history in the present and someone is always going to use it to beat us over the head. The security services do a pretty brilliant job stopping the threats from various nutjobs, but it can't be perfect so some terrible things are always likely to happen on our streets in the name of someone's bullshit "cause". Honestly mate and I've experienced this first hand, people from Perthshire up with the possible exception of Dundee, are vehemently and inherently anti-English, not for a wind up or anything else, they hate the English. I bet if you went in a pub in Aberdeen, Perth, Pitlochry, Braemar, Elgin, Dingwall or Peterhead tonight and analysed the words of every conversation, "English basturts" would be the most frequently used phrase. The thing is as well they're so fuckin insular up there it's unbelievable, and racism I can only imagine what it must be like, being black and English in Aberdeen and places in the North of Scotland. I don't think it's all a wind up. The best jocks are from Glasgow and its surrounds, nearest thing you'll get to geordies the rest are insular haters of the English, well apart from Edinburgh where half the pop. is English. Lots of snobby cunts there. Well yeah but like I say theyre everywhere though, its like you with scousers though. Either you genuinely hate them, or what you put on here about them is a wind up and you have no strong feelings about them but like taking the piss out of them. I've lost jobs because of my "interesting" accent, not part of the "in crowd" of locals etc...but thats life. People are invariably cunts out to blame anyone else for their own problems. Or they're wind up merchants.
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