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  1. Thing is match of the day proved she was spot on with her decision....she did that "joogging whilst over emphasising that you definetly havent raised your flag" thing linesmen do all the time when its a tight decision.
  2. I miss Leeds away, but I'd no problem with them suffering for another ten years in the lower leagues. And the thing is someone has to replace them. And often its the Wigans of this world. Wigan is a well run club...losts of debt, but youve got to speculate to accumulate. As someone has said one day Whelan will pull the plug and they'll return to their natural level, just as Wimbledon did before the shocking events around the founding of MK Dons and as boro are also doing now Gibbo has wiped the scales from his eyes.
  3. Its pretty fuckin pointless criticising Wigan really.....there have always been small clubs who punch above their weight in the top division. Wimbledon survived (and often thrived) for more than 10 years on crowds a lot smaller than Wigans before the modern Sky influenced football world caught up with them.Interesting to note that Dave Whelan is a sports retailing multi millionaire who actually beleives in properly supporting his managers on a personal level and finanacially.He also has his way of communicating with the supporters and who has gone out of his way to bring major sporting success to his home town....Wigan rugby league team won the Super League last season, a championship which had been theirs almost continually during the eighties and nineties...Wigan Athletic staying in the Premier League for 6 seasons is also a huge acheivement, in spite of how many fans they attract. Anyone laugh at Leeds plummetting?....glad they may well be back next season?...longing for an away day to Hillsborough?...make sure you didnt get a little tingle of pleasure at Sheffield Wennesdays misfortunes then...difficult to have it both ways on this one, but as football fans am sure we'll find a way
  4. Thing is it holds 80k and the top athletics meeting in the summer is held at Crystal Palace which can be extended from 15k to 24k which is more than enough for the UK's athletics watching public. The Spurs plan makes a lot more sense and with the added bonus of them moving 9 miles round the north circular to Stratford, and thus consigning 106 years of history to the dustbin....fuckin Levy wants shooting for that. There were Spurs fans going round with "Keep Spurs in Haringey" petitions before the game at their place last month and there was some sort of protest in the last couple of weeks which turned a bit nasty by all accounts. Any good work that Spurs have benefitted from during Levy's tenure may well be undone by this so I think its a great idea
  5. No its not, his is some square and compass freemasons fuckwittery...have a look....
  6. I thought you were the same race as the Palestinians and other local tribes/peoples, just a different religion?....isnt that where "anti semitic" comes from,and why its inaccurate, as you're all semitic?..
  7. What ones yee Kevin? right, without the piint glass covering my face awww. i want to give you a cuddle. I'll never take the piss out you again Kevin. I thought he'd be a right little rogue. Couldnt look much more Irish if he tried Mine is from a "film character" fancy dress party where I went as Santiago Nunez...fuck paying for a proper costume like You like the type that stands round Keith Barrett in the Newcastle Labour Club before games. Your haircut makes you look like the "man" in a lesbian civil partnership
  8. What ones yee Kevin? right, without the piint glass covering my face awww. i want to give you a cuddle. I'll never take the piss out you again Kevin. I thought he'd be a right little rogue. Couldnt look much more Irish if he tried Mine is from a "film character" fancy dress party where I went as Santiago Nunez...fuck paying for a proper costume like Bollocks!! You, (Paddocklad), look (and sound) like a tubbier version of Ally Fraser from the 2nd Auf Pet, series. (who'd have thought this site had so many characters from the show?) fuck off man thats me....next to Mrs Doubtfire my asthma medication has made me gain a pound or two admittedly
  9. What ones yee Kevin? right, without the piint glass covering my face awww. i want to give you a cuddle. I'll never take the piss out you again Kevin. I thought he'd be a right little rogue. Couldnt look much more Irish if he tried Mine is from a "film character" fancy dress party where I went as Santiago Nunez...fuck paying for a proper costume like
  10. Whatever you say Dennis! Mac's not a million miles away though is he?....give it a year or so for the barnet Stevie
  11. I'd like to ask Danny if he thinks Spurs have a spare 25 million plus for one player in this window?....and be able to finance a new stadium in the near fiuture?...when it was announced that they wanted the Stratford Olympic site as well I thought it sounded like they were struggling to cover all financial bases tbh. In spite of the champions league money and outgoing players etc I think its a bit of wishful thinking on 'arry's part.
  12. Wasnt it Gullit who decided we would be "winners" in white shorts and socks because hed worn them at Milan and Ajax?
  13. well the 2nd greatest day Peter will be when you find all the gay porn and shit in your inbox tomorrow peterthompson232@btinternet.com feel free lads. why do you think i used this email address you geordie twats... I dont use it Funny how you can't tak a bit of abuse Bit lyk the mags at the stadium today... handing over coins to the coppers and complaing! Well seeing as your grounds staff cant afford to pay your security - it was only part of our Upstanding and Moral crowd to fund it. Why - without it the rest of the league wouldn't be able to laugh at your ridiculously shite midfield, overpayed attacking presence, and shambolic excuse for a defence Darren Bent is overpaid??? 26 goals last season What more do you want??? 2010/11 Kevin Nolan 4 Darren Bent 0 Bent did even less todasy than he did at our place in October...another overrated tramp
  14. You'll get offensive if wankers took the piss out your city? Don't get me wrong every city in the UK has got its problems so dont have a go at Liverpool have a go at the MPs for fuck sake. Sterotyping happens to much on this site. If you cant beat them join them on this site thats the way it goes. By the way Liverpool has history a thing that seems to piss a hard hit jobless north east. Yeah..human slavery and poverty stricken Irish immigrant ghettoes...nice
  15. To steer this back on track, any ones in particular you recommend? Last time I had a big night out there was when Souness manager we drew nowts each with Everton on a Sunday...our mates cousin showed us around town after the game and took us into a pub in an old church...I think it was called "casa de cuba" at the time but it may have had a name change so am told....its the only building I've ever been in where there was almost no electric lighting...it was almost entirely lit by candles and was a stunning place for a few beers. Got to be one of the most unique boozers in the country iyam. There was dozens of wag-ish birds queued up outside waiting to get in but the cousin used to work the doors himself and we waltzted pass the lot of them. Wish I could tell you where it was but all I can say is it was in the town centre about a 10 minute walk through a shoppping area from Mulligans Irish bar and Yates. Apart from that...what a fuckin shithole, half the suburbs on the way into town were/are boarded up awaiting demolition.The Kensington area sticks in the mind from the season we were relegated; row upon row of housing just boarded up, this around the time they were "city of culture"...fuck knows what the 20 gazillion yanks and japs made of it. We fuckied off to Chester afterwards, which is another option for you.
  16. That happened half a dozen cars in front of us...the car directly in front of us had 4 lads in it, a couple (stupidly?) wearing colours and when we were sat at the lights a team of half a dozen mackems appeared and the biggest thrust his torso inside the open window and tried to haul the driver out through the fuckin thing...his muckers were eyeing us (two!...no colours mind) suspiciously when the polis turned up and chased them off. It was after this incident that I realised the colour of adrennaline is brown We didn't have tickets either, the mackems doing the "tenner at the turnstile" gig must've made an absoloute fortune that day, it was rammed more solid than I'd ever known the Gallowgate, which had been under crowd limits for some time around then iirc. Don't know if this was the one where one of our lot was on the pitch before kick off, pretending to smash an imaginary ball into the net?...that may ahve even been at SJP now I come to think of it...anyone else remember that?
  17. Class is easy to define if you take for example observing a fox in your garden......if you call your children over to take a look at a wild mammal at close quarters, take picures of it and send them into Blue Peter then you're middle class....if you go outside and beat the fucker to death with a shovel then make soup out of it then you're working class Read Fankie Boyles book over xmas
  18. Class is pretty much an irrelevent term nowadays, its more accurate to describe most people earning say 25k+ as middle income if you ask me. I'm in that bracket as are most of the people I know but they are all mostly from very ordinary backgrounds. Like my mate who let slip in our very low-rent local Labour Club whilst sat playing 3 card brag and drinking Carlsberg that him and his missus had joined a fuckin wine club, the poncey fuckin twat Is he a doctor, lawyer or accountant?....no, he installs stair lifts for a living. But his wifes sister married a very middle class bloke who along with his posho mates all went to public school and in one case enjoys and actually fuckin plays hockey rather than football and who asked when we were watching a game on tv once how long a football game lasts for
  19. To be fair in most of his sub appearances this season, he's done alright, just hasn't got the goals when chances have come his way. Maybe he got too excited, I don't know, but that miss has put a slight downer on my night. He won't get an easier chance and a goal then would have helped him push on and impose himself in the squad. I reckon it's one of those chances that he'd tuck away 9 times out of 10. If he's missing that chance 10% of the time he's no good Shame though-would have liked to see dutty of the mark Fuck sakes man Best was a pub league player according to nearly all on here since he signed. A bit of faith is shown in him tonight and he delivers. Am not saying he's now the new Ronaldinho by any means, but surely this shows it can turn around very quickly? Too many knee jerkers on here like. If Shola and Carroll are out for the rest of the month or so then Ranger's going nowhere as he'll be needed, good bad or indifferent. Well done Pardew. Hasnt done a lot wrong since he came here, and wins against the teams we had a decent chance of beating on paper used to be uefa cup form. Not so sure it is now this season, but very encouraging all he same. With the team that Chris Hughton built obviously
  20. Never seen that, thought they were quite muted for they're standards. They came out singing "Newcastle's a shithole, I wanna go home"...which is would be funny if the chavvy twats could understand irony. All from behind a line of police horses underneath the Leazes It sort of spilled out into the road, took ages to get by. Think they said on the radio that the coaches didnt leave till gone 6, which suggests it might have gone on a bit after I got past them. Where were you young man when the good name of your home town was being besmirched?....in the fuckin Percy by any chance?
  21. Anyone see the classless twats on Barrack Road "putting it up to" blokes with kids and some teenage girls?...a little mob of our lot appeared,swung a punch or two then ran off...different in my day Ill tell ya...
  22. At the weekend the met office website said yesterday was the best day to travel...but it turns out the whole of central England was cut off by snow all morning...fuckin useless. I'm travelling up tomorrow. No snow forecast, if you can beleive the fuckers
  23. Have you seen how quickly you can get 4 inches of snow lying this year? There wasnt any snow on Sunday morning and thats why the game Chelsea game was played, the pitch was cleared the day before...if theres a significant fall on the morning of the match theres no chance of it going ahead. They only played in the snow at Ipswich the other day because the dog botherer glared at that monumental clown Stuart Attwell who promptly crapped his pants...the youngest ref in the league was bullied into by the biggest bully there is.
  24. That's a dead cert after the missus has dished up christmas dinner. I've no doubt at all we'll beat them on sunday. They'll not fancy a cold miserable day on Tyneside. Didnt see them play Everton the other night but thats what they were insinuating on 5live. Didnt fancy it. When the likes of Jonas come out the tunnel in short sleeves like against Chelsea it tells you we've a fair chance. We were the better team at their place as well. My advice is lay off the sprouts
  25. Theres a lot of snow forecast for boxing day.....if theres a large dump the night before or in the hours before kick off it'll be off....no time and more likely no labour to clear the pitch, which is what basically happened at Brum.
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