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  1. This country has shit clouds though, full of rain and whatnot. Much better to stockpile you own nice fluffy clouds for a rainy day.
  2. There's a phone app for it, but as it's relatively new it won't have the integration Dropbox has at the moment. May never get it either but 20GB space for free is worth signing up for imo, even if you only use it for adhoc backups.
  3. A new cloud storage company has launched that gives you 15GB of free storage and, if you signup via this link - https://copy.com?r=ixtxJ1, you'll get an extra 5GB. Kinda pisses all over Dropboxes paltry start up size.
  4. Quotes like these really fuck me off. He's our player and he's on a long contract so if you want him then you can pay the going rate for him. Cheap cunt.
  5. It's not too bad if you do regular routines as, once you input it once, you can save them and just adjust the weight/reps each time. You're right about the missing exercises though but that should improve over time.
  6. Use to use the ShapeUp app but noting down the nutritional values of everything I ate became too much of a chore! Gonna give MyFitnessPal a go to see if it's any better. Whilst we're talking apps, Fitocracy is a canny app for tracking your workouts. You can follow and compete against friends for points to give you that extra incentive.
  7. Probably me doing something fundamentally wrong but the iCloud functionality is a pain in the arse. There's a few songs I've purchased from iTunes but have them stored on my local disk, yet iTunes is showing the item twice, one for the local version and one for the iCloud version. Had the same thing with a TV Show I downloaded, but only on a few episodes mind, and the only way to sort it was to download the item from the cloud again, rename it so iTunes couldn't find it andre-link it to the original copy. Right pain in the fucking arse. Does look lush though as HF says. Very clev
  8. CT's post didn't state it was going to be the weekend though did it? "Lots of snow from Monday" I believe, so unless you've got a time machine you can't say the report is wrong... yet.
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