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  1. As for Rice, never rated him and this tournament hasn't changed my mind.
  2. Shame we’re going to get spanked by Spain but it’s nice to still have some skin in the game.
  3. ...and Switzerland.
  4. Sir Jim Cuntliffe: So Dan, great to have you finally on board now we've saved you from the cretinous Geordies. Let's get down to business, who do you fancy us to sign first? Ashworthless:
  5. You're only on the stomach phase? Wait, it gets better.
  6. Perhaps he didn’t like Gordon’s “give me the ball” swagger on his debut… or that defence splitting pass.
  7. See you in the final… wait, what?
  8. Saka to the rescue. Papering over Southgate’s ineptitude
  9. Well the cunt now has to do something FFS.
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