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  1. Lockdown, impending furlough and the kids driving me insane. Had to find somewhere to escape to...
  2. Well this thread is a blast from the past. Thought I would pop in and say hello too. Hope you are all keeping well lads (and Cat).
  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes guys. Hope all is well with everyone! Recently launched Gemmill? It was about 7 years ago (and might actually be having to call it a day with it....). Too busy "talking bollocks" (quite literally) these days.
  4. Keep safe mate. My wife is due to fly to Paris with her work on Monday for the week. Just text her to see if they have decided to make any changes but still going ahead as planned.
  5. Horrific news. A great guy who was well known and liked on both forums, both on and online with him making the occasional trip up north to see NUFC and have a pint with the lads. He will be massively missed and a huge loss. RIP brother.
  6. Also playing a Southampton game here. I decided not to make any transfers and to see what I could do starting with the existing squad given its potential with the likes of Clyne, Shaw, JWP, Wanyama, Ramirez etc. I was flying high halfway through the season in and around the top spot then the update to 14.2 caused a blip in form. I signed Eric Dier in January though hardly gave him a game choosing instead to bed Jack Stephens in to the team alongside Lovren. Osvaldo and Lambert both had been banging the goals in for the first half of my season but with the change in formation I also began
  7. Its the only place I have not enjoyed a pint of Peroni in. Still managed to have a few, but awful pint...
  8. Great news mate. Glad to hear your dad is doing well
  9. Finished my first season with Wigan. I Started the season off with only two new faces in signings Lacina Traore and Sigurdsson. January time seen us in a good top half position but whilst the magic of the two new signings in attack were on fire an inconsistent Hugo Rodallega had only 18 months remaining on his contract so I took the best offer I could for him and shipped him off to Lyon for 7.5 million. David Goodwillie arrived from Blackburn to play alongside fellow Scots Gary Caldwell and James McArthur and also proved to be a great signing with a decent goals/assists return. Januar
  10. Some pics on the Daily Mail website. Looks like my part of the land and Largs got it the worst during the day though it appears to be have been worse between maybe 4-8 so not sure what other damage their has been.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2071633/UK-weather-Wind-turbine-EXPLODES-hurricane-force-gusts-batter-Northern-Britain.html
  11. The first three are all Helensburgh
  12. Pics from my hometown (5 mins away) And one from Loch Long And someone from the village I now stay in just tweeted this Rockwell Cottage we're up to 105.6mph outside now!!! #cardross #scotstorm #hurricanebawbag
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82EvcvSTxmE
  14. Its taken my fecking fence down....
  15. The auction made around £5600
  16. Aye cannot believe how low they are. Those and the James Gandolfini Tie are crazy low. 9 and a half.
  17. Massive Anyhoo, bidding ends today so if any of you guys fancy a little look at what is on offer and fancy a bid or two, go for it. http://www.loosenupauction.com
  18. Just under 2k in bids in 2 days. Not bad for a relatively unknown charity.
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