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  1. Coronavirus

    Still no mention of factories, construction etc
  2. Coronavirus

    Are you CT's infant son? Would explain the left-wing rebellion against "the man" and generally naive views of the world
  3. Coronavirus

    In our update email from work it mentioned 70 out of 1700 were in the office on friday - mostly IT infrastructure and facilities so we aren't doing too badly. I'm not sure what will happen if there's a fuller lockdown - we have DR plans but I'm unsure how robust they are for everyone using the alternative gear.
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    If being a remainer had been his route to pm then he'd have been that instead.
  5. Coronavirus

    I think they've over-emphasised the notion that "healthy" people can see it off easily and so people think if they get it over with they're ahead of the curve. Obviously not giving a fuck about people who will get it badly but even then it's the arrogance that they're "hard enough" to see it off. Looks like the data from Italy suggests it isn't as simple as young/healthy are fine.
  6. Coronavirus

    I'd be quite happy to be able to stop leaving the house completely but have to go to the shop at the top of my street for food. If they can sort out food delivery somehow I think it would be a huge help.
  7. Holidays 2020

    Nowt booked but intended to go to Ayia Napa in October again - had thought of having a cheeky week there in May before this blew up. If October does become feasible I might try and do 3 weeks instead of 2 - maybe even more. I usually take a week at the end of march for my birthday and sometimes go away but there was an annual sql convention work paid me to go to which was going to take place that week (now cancelled) which is why I had a week at home last week which was good prep for WFH this week just gone. I've only been out to the co-op for two and a half weeks now so I'll be fucked off of I catch the virus.
  8. Coronavirus

    One more mini-rant before we all become too nice. In my work I'm under no illusions that I'm creative or original - I'm not bad and better than most who claim to be good but what I am excellent at is taking something that works and adapting it to what's needed at the time and to meet requirements. Now looking at all those graphs am I the only person who screams "Copy South Korea!!" at the TV/screen/phone? Okay we might not be am identical country and they might be more "obedient" as a people but fucking hell the difference is so blatant there must be fucking something we can learn?
  9. Coronavirus

    Still nowt for zero hours/self employed or renters.
  10. Coronavirus

    I think solitary walks are allowed even in France etc so maybe dropping the papers bit would see him okay.
  11. Coronavirus

    I honestly think they're still pursuing the herd immunity strategy and have only agreed to the closure "advice" for PR reasons.
  12. Coronavirus

    The co-op at the top of my street had no meat and no milk this morning. This was quite early and it was quite full of people being cunts.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    "Crying in church"
  14. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    For all the shite and pet theories people have I think Keegan and Ferguson both gave versions of the same correct answer - we lacked the knowhow /experience of how to win it.
  15. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    It was the the contrast between the first and second halves of the season that was the killer for him - might have been part of the general nervousness in the squad that I think ultimately cost us but he suffered the most. I still love him too.
  16. Coronavirus

    I'm probably being ridiculously optimistic and/or naive but the claim that China has no new cases makes me think and end is possible - might take a few weeks/months but it's something.
  17. Yes Gemmill...

    Maybe time for a covid 19 specific deadpool.
  18. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    I had a slightly unpopular view on that game - the football was fantastic but I reckon scoring "only" 3 goals out of 30 attempts was a shocking indictment of the strike force
  19. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    It helped that Barnes was an actual footballer.
  20. Coronavirus

    Even if they followed the US and gave everyone 1 or 2k that's only one or two months rent in London. That's also the problem of a housing sector based on parasites/landlords with buy-to-let mortgages - if we had mass council housing then it could be "written off" by government funding.
  21. Coronavirus

    All of their measures are breathing space based- they've already said mortgages won't be "let-off" but will be expected to be paid so poor cunts who lose their jobs will still be fucked down the line.
  22. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    I thought Barnes did alright as it happens. Rush was a compete waste of time, money and effort though.
  23. Coronavirus

    It's going to take a long time to recover if this shit goes on for a year or more. Maybe it will require a large realignment of society - maybe a green new deal or something along those lines.
  24. Coronavirus

    Watched a webcast from our CEO a little earlier and he confirmed everybody who can must work from home from now. His tone suggests they fully expect it to last a few months. I'd already cleared that with my line manager anyway using asthma as an excuse - I'm sort of relaxed about that as Renton is and it is really mild but I'll confess to shitting it to a degree. Also just popped to the co-op at the top of my street where I do my daily shopping and they've introduced 4 of any individual item max rationing.
  25. Recommend me something to watch!

    Yes but you need Einsteins IQ and a twisted brain to get anywhere near understanding it. Some nice lasses though.

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