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  1. Coronavirus

    It's not even the week - it was saying the lockdown was starting on Monday and allowing pubs to have the Friday night - even that icing on the cake stupidity probably killed thousands.
  2. Politics

    I listened to that James O'brien the day after Johnson backed Cummings and he repeated a comment he'd been told from someone who said they knew Trump and Johnson were liars and shit leaders but they supported them simply because they made people like him and other lefties so mad. I think that goes a long way to explaining it. Saw his comment today that the Mail and their readers thought they'd won control with brexit and the GE which is why they're now so angry about the slave traders - it's all about their views being held as the right ones.
  3. Coronavirus

    You could tell that by the phasing out of the furlough scheme and other support stuff - they want a "normal" economy by October come hell or highwater. Maybe they're betting everything on the Oxford vaccine and I really hope it works but if it doesn't we're fucked.
  4. Politics

    I think if you were black, walking past a statue of someone like Colston would be a real issue. I can only compare it with a statue of Trelford Mills or Mike Ashley being outside SJP.
  5. Politics

    Read the novels of Wilbur Smith as a start. You have to read between the lines as his writing isn't exactly "woke" but the truth is in there.
  6. Precedent Trump

    It's the same when people say the met is right to pay more attention to blacks in London because they commit the most crimes. The correlation is poverty not skin colour.
  7. At least there's been dialogue which is hopeful.
  8. Coronavirus

    I could watch the copper on the horse hit the traffic light all day.
  9. HR Experts

    Is the kid related to someone high up or something?
  10. Coronavirus

    I'm not going anywhere anyway but I still don't see how it can even approach being useful without a fully functioning app.
  11. Coronavirus

    Gemmill's mate Sharma is self-isolating waiting for a test result. Rees-Mogg should be forced to do all the contact tracing, the stupid cunt.
  12. Coronavirus

    Why doesn't anyone ask what the fuck all these travellers are coming to the UK for? There's no excuse for business reasons or tourism. Then why the hell would anyone negotiate an air bridge with one of the worst affected countries?
  13. Coronavirus

    He's always been a lazy, easily distracted cunt, yet another lifetime trait which seemingly doesn't matter.
  14. Precedent Trump

    He's gearing up for November /January when he'll refuse to leave.
  15. Politics

    There's no PMQ in the Lords. (Yes I do think it's all about the buffoon shitting himself in front of Starmer).
  16. Coronavirus

    There's almost an arrogance about it that says they're too "hard" to catch the disease. It reminds me of the moronic religionists who say the only thing stopping them killing other people is the ten commandments or fear of god - how can they not have innate empathy like most of the rest of the human race? I admit to being a bit selfish in not going out as I'm personally shit scared of catching the fucking thing but I at least expect others to care wether I die too.
  17. Coronavirus

  18. Coronavirus

    Interesting that some experimental treatments are based on blood medicine eg Heparin. There's suggestions it's more generally a blood vessel disease than specifically a respiratory one.
  19. Yes Gemmill...

    My favourite was the one where he took the old man down to the docks and he compared the pampered horses from the trooping of the colour to the ones that worked at the docks that were worked until the day they collapsed and died - "there has to be some hope" was the old man's last desperate cry. Should have been compulsory viewing for every adult before every election in the 80s (and since).
  20. The Official 19/20 Cup Run

    Had the initial stupid thought that if we got to the final I'd be able to get a ticket off a tout before realising there are no tickets. Would be a tragi-comedy to win it with no fucker there. (Yes I do expect to get hammered off Man City).
  21. Coronavirus

    Even if the app has 100% take-up I have doubts about this entire scheme due do basic incompetence. Of course there were local teams who could do this but they've been swept aside for another fucking Serco led shambles.
  22. Coronavirus

    Isn't the app being done by a company owned by Cummings' sister?
  23. Coronavirus

    The BBC should have had its charter revoked for Orgreave - 35 years of shit like this hasn't changed my mind on that. And fuck the "Then we wouldn't have Planet Earth" shite.
  24. Coronavirus

    Also it won't work for public transport without the app.
  25. Coronavirus

    There are too many people who have the attitude that you shouldn't criticise the government in times of emergency. This might align with people who support them anyway but it's there. Probably another older voter thing which is strange as they must realise they've been fed to the dogs via the care home thing. I think if Starmer really went for their throats over mistakes made it would annoy at least as many people as would be impressed.

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