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Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread


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Well, you're a mug :lol:

I dunno, the minute he's gone you're nicking his catchphrases.


He'd be spinning in his grave, I tell you.

Pipe down.


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I suppose it's only worth what somebody on ebay is willing to pay for it. :lol:


A similar shirt in good condition should see decent money, bear in mind a lot the major price hikes in bidding take place in the last minute! So £5-10 now could easily go for a decent fee. At the end of the day you clicked 'BIN' so it must've of been worth it or what you wanted as you don't drink - so it's not like the mystery items some people get.

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!? Uh ? give us a clue ? . .


#2 (red one), #3 (yellow one) Camalot- camming device for climbing. Currently building my 'rack' for trad-climbing (placing protection as you go)

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