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FAO Papa Lazaru


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You filthy skanky metal-loving cock-munching slum-dwelling sister-fucking scumbag tramp.


Bit out of the blue? Need reminding?


Last saturday night you tagged along to my mate's studio along from the Telegraph. Remember that bit? How about the bit where you go and piss in the corridor of his place of work 4 metres away from a toilet? He invited you back, bought you drinks and in return for this kind hospitality and generosity you piss inside the building where he works. You fucking tramp.


I would have put this up earlier but i was hoping that we could download the CCTV footage of you emptying your bladder and post it up on here. Unfortunately, thats not possible but if Andrew does manage to get it onto his PC then rest assured, i'll resurrect this and post it up.


The facilities management people are going to charge him for the clean up and were understandably fucking annoyed. I expect you to pay me the cost next time i see you at the Trent.


Anything to say for yourself?

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