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Just got a very excited phonecall from Mark

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Whos Mark like?


Mark who posts on here, and on N-O as Andy Hunter


Also apparently asked Mort about signing a midfielder and he said "It's up to Sam"






Well if we've got two tomorrow and marks not just pissed



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I imagine him and Mort were like A Night at the Roxbury.


Thanks to the information passed my way around 6 months ago, I know what you're on about! :lol:


I wonder what the pair of them drink and whether Ashley demands the correct change every time he gets a round?? Billionaires aren't that for nothing!


Ashley prob drinks Dog, whilst Mort likes a 'nice glass of Chardonnay' (sp).

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Managed to get a bit more info off him last night because the bassa rang me again at 3 in the morning :lol:


They managed to get into the VIP section where Ashley and Mort were hanging around because the bouncer was Jonny off Big Brother (:lol:) and he knew a lass that Mark knew.


-Ashley still had his Smith top on, he was asked if he liked him. As if it wasn't obvious, he does.

-Chris Mort loves Nicky Butt.

-The big, black lad who's always hanging around with him at the match wearing a Newcastle top is apparently called Ian and is his bodyguard. Offered to get them in the VIP whenever they wanted.

-When asked if we were signing Riquelme they just laughed.

-He spent £320 on drinks for Mark and his mates.

-Went on about how the Newcastle fans are the most passionate he's seen and he knows how much the club means to them.


Barring that it basically just sounded like Mark just had his arm round him going "I love you! *hic* You're my best mate!" :nufc:


I think the most interesting thing to come out of this is the fact Ashley and Mort were in Blu Bamboo!

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I wouldn't believe Mark if he told me my house was on fire whilst lighting the match! :lol:




Like I said, I've got no reason not to believe him as he did sound as excited as i'd expect someone to be who has just met the Billionaire owner of the football club he supports.

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