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Colchester boss Aidy Boothroyd is set to make a decision on whether to sign veteran midfielder Nolberto Solano.


The former Newcastle and West Ham star, 35, has been training with the Us in a bid to earn a contract at the Community Stadium.


Boothroyd is still mulling over whether to offer the popular Peruvian a contract and insists Solanowill not be a trophy signing.


"We are still speaking with him and we would like to do something, but we have got to be able to fit him in with what we've got and for him to make a contribution to what we are doing here," said Boothroyd.


"We want him to be involved and not here as some sort of mascot, and we will probably decide what we are doing in the next few days."




Worth a punt? :icon_lol:

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Love him but no...what we need is pace and unfortunatly nobby never had that never mind at 35!


Kightly and Ledley please



Bring back Nobby :icon_lol:

Imagine being able to watch a corner or a cross beat the first man again :icon_lol:

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Would take him back in a heartbeat. 6 month deal with the view to a possible coaching role next season. Play him at RB, where he was excellent for us a few years ago. Very few wingers in this league have any pace, so he should be ok in that aspect, and to have someone who can actually take a FK/Corner when Ryan Taylor isn't on the pitch would be nice.

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When you consider some people think the likes of Nolan, Smith, Simpson, Shola etc are good players at this level, I don't see a problem with Nobby being able to handle it even though he is 35.


The likes of Graham Alexander looked the part at this level (and still does at 39 in the premiership). He may not have the legs but having a good footballing brain and the technical ability that he does I think he will be a great short term signing.

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At this level, till the end of the season...definitely give him a go, its Nobby after all!!


As people have said his football brain and the fact he's a better footballer than anyone in our current midfield mean unless his legs have completely gone he's got to be worth a shot. Also the chance to get him to work with some of the younger players would be good.


Next year if promoted them obviously i would say no, but another few months with Nobby back at St James sounds good to me.

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If he's not good enough for Colchester, he aint good enough for us. All this talk of 'ok at this level' makes me ask why he wouldn't be okay at Colchester's level???


Love him, but his time has passed.


Imagine if he had had the pace of Dyer. Sweet. Then again, if he had, he wouldn't have ever played for us :icon_lol:

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