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How tall are you and what weight are you, Sugartits?

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Well, at least the lack of calories isn't affecting your mood.

He’s dead. Found looking like Christopher McCandless

Must be the lack of meat fucking with your faculties. A veggie that can't do maths, the arcade creeper, and the Mexican Viagra muncher trying to tell me what I can and can't eat. Absolute fucking libe

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I give it 3 days before topless photos of people start appearing in this thread :lol:


You must be fucking 7foot tall to weigh 215lbs with that build!


Im stockier than you at 6foot and I weigh 190lbs




Couldn't you hold out for the full 3 days?

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100 kg is very respectable gloomy, just add 2.5 kiloes each time you will be at 110-115 in notime


Well, If I am doing heavy squat sets I cant do 30 second breaks :lol: Sometimes when you work hard you need 2-4 minutes off - but thats if you are doing HEAVY sets.


First weeks when doing light to moderate sets 30 secs is more than enough.


I know you you mean. I find getting air into the lungs is the hardest thing about lifting as heavy as you possibly can. My breathing isn't the best (too many years spent smoking) but sometimes you isn't have to sit down and take 2 seeing spots.

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I need to get back into the gym. Had a few months of not really doing anything whilst I've been studying for my (hopefully) last exam, and with work being really busy as well I've just been lazy with it. I used to do a bit of a run, then bicep curls, bench, squat, chin/dips (assisted thingy cos I'm weak) and some shoulder stuff. 5x5, would go up small increments every now and then when I could manage it, but didn't realise you are meant to add weight each week. That sounds fucking hard. What do you do when you reach a level where you can't maintain form? Wasn't doing anything particularly heavy cos I've never been particularly strong and I could never seem to be able to do things properly at any decent weight.


Do you reckon the gaps make that much of a difference? Not something I'd considered before.


Also, those bits in bold above, can you guys tell me what they are/provide a link to do them? My gym only has dumbells, no bars or whatever (only a small gym, but its nice, reasonably cheap and has a pool and a climbing wall so I like it). Assume can still do pretty much most things with those? Although never done deadlifts, as not sure how to do them properly if I don't have a bar to keep everything straight??


Kettle bells are just a different form of weight training, again using compound excercises bit also incorporating the swing, which is great for core, glutes and legs. You can use them to perform standard lifts like deadlifts and squats as well as other dynamic moves like clean and jerk and snatch. They originate from Russia, I think, and are a bit like dumbells I suppose except they have horns and a handle and can be used for a greater variety of training.


One of the key things I've found that helps with gains, after eating well and lifting heavy, is mixing up the workout. Keeping the body guessing and frequently switching up the workout. Don't get stuck doing the same routine every week. Those excerices will soon become favourites when you master the and are no longer really challenging yourself.

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I've recently got into using kettlebells and been really enjoying them. I didn't expect it to be such a good workout, but I'm always knackered afterwards and it doesn't even have to be that long a session. I've borrowed a couple of DVDs from a friend which I'm looking forward to trying. Until now I've just been browsing Youtube and trying to get form right on the exercises I've been doing so far. I really need to get an exercise mat though for use with some of them.

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Well, In my 5x5 I bench 60kg :D


Reckon i could add a bit more but not loads and that's with supersetting DB flys.


fecking owwwwww, went yesterday did this sort've stuff, plus intervals on the rower and the bike


now i need new shoulders

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