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This is a joke


Came in here expecting a funny joke to cheer me up on monday and it was crap. Too long and I didn't understand the punchline. Could have done with an irishman.





Politically correct sandal wearer!

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Mike Ashley owns NUFC to advertise his Sports Company and make a profit, premiership survival is the only aim, to advertise the Sports Company worldwide, and as he is a retailer by instinct if he doesn't make a profit he will sell a player instead which is far easier than going for the Champions League money and success on the pitch.


Alan Pardew is a good manager who will either be sacked for not bringing success on the cheap or poached by a big club that backs their managers properly if he manages to bring success on the cheap.


TBF, Leazes was half right. 

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7 hours ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Absolutely mental how much this forum has changed since the start of this thread. Everyone being civil and friendly, it’s enough to make you fucking sick.


Those nested replies look like shit mind you, I know which I prefer.

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