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cats or dogs


which do you prefer?  

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Cats because they look after themselves. Dogs are great but after a 13 hour day I couldn't be doing with taking it for walkies. Plus giving it a regular bath then cleaning of the entire bathroom would do my head in too!

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cats won't scare off an intruder

dogs can be trained to bring the paper to your lap

dogs won't scratch you fucking heart out if you bought them the wrong type of catfood.

dogs don't want to take over the world

dogs die in hot cars... and this ifners that cats don't... and if this is true.. we should watch out for the little furry bringers of doom...



the list go on... dogs win

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A really cute dog beats a really cute cat however really cute dogs are less common than cute cats..


So as most cats are cute I'd say cats :blush:



I vote cats because you only need to hit them once with a shovel, where is a dog depending on breed can take several hits which in turn wastes a lot of energy :D

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